One of the speakers at Blissdom last month was Jon Acuff. He is a speaker and author and has an amazing way of making you laugh and then making you cry (in a good sorta way). He gave the opening keynote which was full of so many good things I’d love to share.

One of the most touching and relevant to me topics he spoke about, and the one I will focus on in this post, are the negative voices we hear in our heads.

See, I have dealt with this for my whole life, I believe. There was always a voice telling me that “I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I don’t have what it takes to do ______.”

And I know, in my head, the logical part of me, that these things are not true.

But my heart still hears them, and causes it to cry just a little each time.

I wasn’t the only one!

But to hear Jon talk about this on stage, and then for him to ask his audience, over 800 women, what some of the voices in their heads were saying, that was eye-opening, even to my heart!

In this room of confident, successful women they were hearing them too. And they caused each of them a little pain in their hearts too.

Oh, if only we women could learn, first of all, that those voices are liars.

  • They are our insecurities trying to keep us from stretching out and being all we were meant to be.
  • They are the people from our past who were in pain themselves and inflicted this pain onto us as well.
  • They are people from our present who are afraid to reach for their own dreams, so they want to keep you from doing so as well.
  • And because I am a Christian, I will even go as far to say that those voices are from the enemy himself, trying to keep you from the very best that God has for you, if you will only step out in faith and accept it.

I don’t know that we will ever make these voices go away. 

But I believe that knowing that you are not the only one who hears those negative voices can help give you the strength and the confidence you need to stand up and say “I AM good enough!” I CAN do _________!”  

Making the truth louder than the lies

When those voices rise up inside of you, begin stating things that ARE true about you.

That you are an amazing woman.

That you have incredible strength.

That your trials have made you stronger, not weaker.

That you are a child of God, and that makes you good enough.

Declare that you refuse to listen to them anymore.