I can do anything I want, if only I knew what that was

I just returned from Blissdom 2012, an awesome blogger conference that encourages us to “follow our bliss”. I had an awesome time, and learned SO much. I will be referring to many of the lessons I learned in upcoming posts!

I love personal development books, seminars and speakers*. I love that they encourage you to go out and grab your dreams by the horns. The problem for many of us is what we don’t know which bull we want to boldly grab.

Many of us talk all the time about things that would be nice to do.

Things like:

  • Run a marathon.  (or 5K, 10k, or walk around the block!)
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Go back to school to finally be a teacher or a nurse
  • Remodel the house
  • Homeschool my kids
  • Learn to eat healthier
  • Start a business
  • Take my blog/business to the next level

While many of us say things we’d “like to do” on a regular basis, we never take the necessary steps to move us in that direction.

Most of the time what we are really saying is that it would be cool if we could do those things. It doesn’t actually MEAN we really want to DO them.

And that is okay. Many of us, while we really think it would be pretty amazing to learn to play the piano, we don’t REALLY have the deep desire and commitment to do what it would take to learn to play the piano, beyond Chopsticks and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Or while a marathon sounds challenging, most if us can’t or will choose not to, because it is not a pressing passion.

For me personally, while a marathon would be an awesome way to get in shape, I honestly don’t want to work that hard on this project as there are other things more pressing to me. However, getting in decent shape, where I have energy, flexibility and stamina IS important to me and what I’d like to accomplish.

So while I will not be running for 5, 8, 10 miles a day, I do plan to walk/run on a daily basis, starting with 15 minutes s day.

After attending Blissdom, I also came home with a determination to take my blogs/business in a certain direction. It is more than a desire, it is a bull I plan to grab hold of.

We have to search our souls and decide “what are those 2 or 3 things that are SUPER important to you right now?”

What things would you look back from your deathbed and regret not even trying?

Those are the things you must focus on, must you must build action plans for and work to fit baby steps into your daily life.

Those my friends, are the bulls you need to go after!

 * This post was inspired by a session I attended at Blissdom, given by Michael Hyatt, Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He has an awesome FREE ebook, How to Create Your Life Plan, go download it now!  

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