How to make friends

Finding friends, especially for people who work from home, or stay-at-home moms, used to be more difficult. With the advent of the internet with forums and discussion boards, and now with social media, it is much easier to connect with those who are like-minded.

Not that all your friends have to be just like you. It is just nice to have friends who “get” you. They understand what makes you tick.

In the years before the internet, you had to rely on community clubs and groups, or maybe national organizations, to find people with similar interests. But even then it was difficult to narrow it down. If you like growing herbs and finding or creating recipes with those herbs, if you actually wanted to find others who did that, it would be more difficult to find or just run across someone with similar likes.

Social media is more, well, social

I love that with the vastness of the internet, and now with the advent of social media, specifically in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and now the new kid on the block, Pinterest, finding those like-minded people has become SO much easier.

Whatever your interests are, I am sure there is a blog or Facebook group for it. If you are looking for a blog on a certain topic, use this Google search function to help you find them.  And the Facebook search bar is not just for your friends you are looking for. You can search topics there as well, to find groups or organizations that are relevant.

Being part of the blogging community is a nice thing, but sometimes the people around us, in our every day lives, they just don’t get what we do as bloggers. As a matter of fact, this AWESOME picture is spreading like wildfire, and we bloggers love it as there is a good amount of truth to the way others see us.

Since it is difficult to get others to understand what it is that I actually do (and it is not sit on Pinterest all day, I promise!) it is nice to go to an event where there are lots of other bloggers who GET me!

I do have a local group for my metro area, and we chat a lot on Facebook, but it is difficult to find time to get together in person.

I am so happy and blessed to be attending the Blissdom bloggers conference in Nashville, next week. Excited to not only be attending, but to have been chosen as a community leader as well. I will be helping Blissdom newbies feel welcome, answer any questions they may have, plus we are mentors at our tables within the conference. I love the opportunity to connect with the newer bloggers, and help them find the answers to their questions.

Make new friends, but keep the old

For me, since I have been to several conferences already, Blissdom is a reunion of sorts. I get to see friends that I met at previous conferences and have kept up with them. Here are a few that I can’t wait to see again:

Cris Goode from Goodeness Gracious

Jenn Perry from Daze of Adventure

Michelle from Honest and Truly

Shell from Things I Can’t Say

Heather Solos from Home Ec 101

Angela England from well, Angela England (she has several websites!)

And then the next great part about conferences is getting to meet people IN REAL LIFE that you have been friends with online forever! Here are a few I cannot wait to meet in person!

Melissa from She Owns It

Deborah from Ask Doc G

Christa from Live and Love Work

Annette Jett, a fellow contributor at 30 Second Mom

And there will be SO many more that I will get to connect with, that blog, work online, spend time networking on Twitter and Facebook.

I have to just throw in here that while the conference itself is awesome, and we learn SO much, we also have a GREAT time. We are all SO excited as they just named the entertainers that will be there. Rascal Flatts, Joe Jonas, Chris Mann (current contestant on The Voice) and more! EXCITING!

Find your place

If you haven’t found places to connect with like-minded people, I encourage you to step out, in person, or online, and make some connections with some people who GET you.