I have another post inspired by Jon Acuff. I tell you, that man is a SMART man. He has some real insight into life and living.

I wish I could portray how he told this story. I am going to do my best to rearrange it so it flows on the screen.

You are out to dinner with your spouse at a nice restaurant. You have both been looking forward to the evening alone and the time together. As the hostess seats you and hands you your menu, you pull out your smartphone to check in on Foursquare.

And while the two of you are browsing the menu, you take random pics of the restaurant, your menu, your glass of wine, to find the right one to send to Instagram.

Your husband reaches out to take your hand and look into your eyes and you say “Hold on just one second. I want to send this tweet real quick!”

You put down your phone and take his hands, not noticing the look of hurt in his eyes.

You chat with your hubby a bit, every so often checking Facebook, seeing if anyone has liked any of the pictures you have posted.

Dinner continues this way, with continuous brief interruptions by your smartphone.

How do you think this makes your spouse feel?

Now think about it this way. What if you were sitting at a table at a cafe, outside. And your husband was with you, and the two of you were enjoying a meal and some time together.

And what if, every time you started to say something to your husband, he would turn and yell random things at people walking by or passing by in cars. To strangers.

Things like:

“Hey! Awesome dinner with my wife!  Been waiting for this date all week!”


“Whoa! You should see this salad!” and holds it out for them to see as they walk by.


“Dude, what is this waiter’s problem?”


“Yum! So enjoying this cheesecake! You know you want a bite!”

Your husband broadcasting random bits of info to passersby while you sit and wait for him to actually see you. And be with you.

To hear him tell it was so funny, and we definitely got the point. Don’t let social media become your life. Choose to live in your moments.

Choosing to live the moment

It is our life which provides the stories and insight that we like to share, so let’s make sure that we are actually LIVING our life.

Another story along the same lines. My friend Jennifer Perry from Daze of Adventure was blessed to be a part of a media event for the last space shuttle launch. She was able to view from a much closer vantage point than the public.

And Jenn? She loves to take pictures. But she made a decision to not view this special moment in history through the lens of a camera. She wanted to really SEE it. She did snap some shots just after to share with her friends and family, but she chose to be in the moment at lift-off.

also noticed this last month at a Blissdom party/concert. We were treated to a mini-concert by the country band Rascal Flatts. Up close and personal. And yes, I did take out my camera phone and snap some pictures. But then I put my phone away and enjoyed the show.

Without having to hold my phone still so the video would work.

Without waiting for just that right moment to take that picture.

I just enjoyed it. But so many others were busy with their phones to document this moment in time that they forgot to just live and enjoy this moment in time.

And I have seen this same scenario many times. At ballgames, at weddings, at events that may never happen again, we are recording, tweeting, etc.

Be sure that you are taking time to actually LIVE your life. Those special moments, that you may never get back, even if you did take a picture, record a video or send a tweet.

Just live.