When life throws you off balance

Yesterday was an earth-shaking day, literally. An earthquake on the east coast? A 5.9 earthquake? That shook a lot of people up! Thank goodness there were no injuries and the damage seems minimal compared to what we normally see on the west coast.

quake in DC

Even though I am in Georgia, we did not feel a thing, but we had our own earth-shaking events happen yesterday to knock us off balance. My husband, who has been a hard worker all of our 30 years of marriage, who has never been out of work, who always left one job for a better one, was laid off.

Many of my readers know that I don’t currently work a full-time position outside of the home since my breakdown last year. So he has been THE breadwinner. So needless to say, this kinda set our world to shaking and spinning.

What do you do when your earth is shaking around you?

You hold on to what you know is sound and true- For me, this was my strong husband, our faith in God, and an underlying peace that it all will work out in the end.

You assess the situation around you- We knew he would be eligible for unemployment. So we went immediately and applied for that. We let our daughter who is 18 know that her monthly allowance would be coming to an end (she is away at school and lives on her own). We considered how much longer we would have health insurance and what appointments needed to happen before that ended.

We also sat down with our bills and took a hard look. We had fortunately been working to get ourselves to a decent place. We are by no means independently wealthy, but we have lived in our house 22 years, our mortgage is almost paid off and it is lower than most folks around us pay for rent. We recently paid off a major credit card bill, so other than our mortgage and a very small credit card bill with 3% interest, we are debt free. No car payments, etc. That makes us feel much better!

Consider your resources- We looked at attending technical school. Our state has a grant program where we can basically go to a state school for free. We have one in our town, 6 miles from our house. Since we are both unemployed, we would also be eligible for Pell Grant to help with living expenses.

My husband began calling a few connections he has. Salesmen he met through his company, businessmen in our church, old friends. He wasn’t asking for favors, or begging for a job, he was mainly letting them know his situation, in case they heard of something. Plus he was updating his personal references on his resume, he had been at his current job for 6 years.

Next, we sat down and I helped him make a list of the things who knows how to do. ALL of his skills. And, what does he really want to DO each day?

Start making a plan to move forward- While things may seem tough, we are actually considering this a blessing in disguise. My hubsand despised his J-O-B. Yet he would never have just walked away. And finding a comparable job will probably not be easy in this market, but that is okay. We are ready to start living a little more simpler life, a little more balanced life anyway.

He is considering how he can use his various skills and work from home doing his own things. No longer being tied to a desk or a time clock. I am sure this won’t be easy for a while, but I have the faith that we can make it work.

We had wanted to become more location independent, to be able to work from anywhere. I am able to do so, but as long as he was working a job, it would’ve never happened. Now, we have more freedom to be able to do so in the future.

If life has thrown you off balance lately, I reach out to you. Find something secure to hold on to. Assess your true situation. Inventory your resources. And then make a plan to DO something. Anything that can help you gain your balance.

Is life shaking you lately?

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