What we REALLY want for Mother’s Day!

As I see the ads and watch the commercials for Mother’s Day, I get frustrated at all the pressure that is put on the men in our lives to buy us fancy, extravagant gifts. While fancy things are nice, I don’t particularly feel the need to have them, and I sure don’t want my husband to feel the pressure to buy them for me. Luckily, after having been married to my husband for almost 30 years, he has a pretty good idea of the things that I would like.

One of my favorite Mother’s Days

Figo pasta Decatur GA

Last Mother’s Day, my husband and my oldest 2 daughters got the 4 siblings and their significant others to plan to meet for lunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Afterward we went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. A couple of Sundays a month, they have what is called “Play in the Park”. A lot of circus performers gather to practice their skills and share willingly with onlookers. The girls planned a wine and cheese tasting, and also had fruit and juice for the under-aged.

So there were me, my husband, 4 adult children and their Others, as well as 6 grandchildren. We had an awesome time just laid out on blankets, watching the performers. Then some of the kids and grandkids joined in! These are “real hula-hoops”! It was so much fun just watching them all hang out together!

mothers day play in the park

Does a gift have to cost a lot to be special?

The thing is, a meaningful gift does not have to cost much. I actually did a twitter poll and asked, barring expensive jewelry or fancy trips, what would they like for Mother’s Day? I wasn’t super surprised by the answers, after all, I’ve been a mom for a while now!

Many moms wanted help around the house. They would’ve liked to have the family clean up for once, or even pay to have a housecleaner come in!

cleaning house

 Others would like to sleep in for once!

 sleeping in

Some would love to have a massage…

mothers day massage

And this mom and I must be sisters separated by birth as I think this would be awesome!

the best day ever 

Others had some varied requests, but they were rooted in simplicity.

geraniumsfamily portrait


Some mothers would just like to be shown some respect, and have their families be appreciative of their efforts.

appreciation for moms

And this last Mom’s tweet made me really stop to think, as it should us all…

moms in AL

So, what do you really want for Mother’s Day? And for my male readers, what do you think your wives may really want?

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34 comments to What we REALLY want for Mother’s Day!

  • OMG love this!! My best mothers day cost $5 – the cost of the Sunday New York Times. Which I actually read every page!!! It was divine :)

    bernicewood Reply:

    Awesome that something so simple can bring such joy! Did they give you the time and space to read it?

  • For Mother’s Day, I have requested a birch tree for the backyard and for everyone to put in two hours at our local CSA.
    kelly garriott waite recently posted..This Situation is Only Temporary- What’s in a NameMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Great idea! Give back to the earth and to the community instead of something else for you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jan

    These are all wonderful ideas. However I never put much stock on “Mother’s Day” or any other Hallmark day. When the kids were little of course my husband would have them make me breakfast in bed and we would spend a lovely day together. But we did that on other occasions as well.

    But now that we have grown married children I don’t put any pressure on them to “remember me on Mothers’ day”. They have enough to do with their own families. If they remember to call – wonderful but if not they are not “blacklisted” as I have heard some others say or I don’t get mad because they didn’t remember. That is NOT important. Do they love you and do you love them – that is what is important.

    We celebrate when we can get together – we have good times with each other. We stopped “giving presents” awhile ago as the pressure was too much. A phone call is appreciated but not essential. We give of ourselves and to others and love lots and lots.

    We are visiting my Mom and taking her to lunch this Mother’s Day – but taking her to lunch on any other day would also be wonderful as well. She lives a couple of hours away and sometimes those “special” man-made days are impossible to celebrate. But we can love from afar and visit when we can.

    So no pressure! just love. Have fun. And give gifts from the heart – when you feel in the Spirit to give and not because we must.


  • I want Mother’s Day to be peaceful. Ideas inspired by heartfelt expressions of how my husband and kids feel about me. Not junk purchased under duress by people who would rather be somewhere else. So again. I will have spent all year making that possible…or not.

    Maybe that is too much to ask.

    What I am for sure getting is a short road trip to meet up with friends who will be traveling to a nearby city. There is not a lot of budget for anything else.
    Maggie S. recently posted..Thank God ItsMy Profile

  • I would love to see how the husband’s and kid’s ideas lined up, or not, with mom’s:)
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted..Where the Magic HappensMy Profile

  • I’ll take one of everything!

    So excited to see my answer up there, in fact I may have done a little chair dance :)
    Stephanie recently posted..Wine- Egg Foo Yung and the mess explainedMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Glad you could be included! Would love to go silently perusing in a bookstore with you!

  • I love this post! I agree with you Bernice, that the best gifts in life are the experiences we have with our loved ones. I forget what I got for Christmas and my birthday but always remember the time I spent laughing and playing with family and friends. Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Moms!

  • I want to see my husband and kids happy and I want myself to do nothing :)

    bernicewood Reply:

    I love the idea of doing nothing! Good luck!

  • So true. I hate all the jewelry commercials this time of year. There is not enough days in the year to wear all the jewelery I have received over the years. A few years ago my hubby got me a swing set for the backyard (for the kids, not me). It was the best gift ever to watch the girls giggling and swinging!
    got2havefaith recently posted..Thoughts on forgiveness and letting goMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    I think it is awesome to get gifts that will help us to enjoy our lives more. I amjust not sure a fancy piece of jewelry would do it for me.
    We have always done this though, we liked to give our kids experiences more than things. The year before, we ALL went to the Renaissance Festival!
    Thanks for commenting!

  • Thanks so much for this spotlight! I read and enjoyed them all! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I actually asked for a weekend away…ALONE. You know, where I could SLEEP and go to the bathroom/shower UNDISTURBED. My husband got annoyed at the request. LOL.
    Jackie (WritRams) recently posted..Stupid Girl WalkingMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Good for you for asking. He can just be annoyed while you are gone, lol!
    Hope you get some time alone, friend!

  • What a lovely post!! I totally agree with all of it. You had such a lovely time last year. You know you are loved and just being around your kids and their kids sounds like the best gift ever!

    I only got mad during one mother’s day. I was pregnant and due with my first child in 4 weeks. My husband didn’t do a single thing for me, not even a card. When he asked why I was upset I told him, “Well, hormones! But also you didn’t remember to say Happy Mother’s day and I am carrying your first child.” He responded that Mother’s Day is for kids to say happy mother’s day. He’s so literal LOL

    So this mother’s day I will take all pressure off my husband and just allow my oldest who is now 4 to say those beautiful words, “I love you mommy” and that will mean the world to me!

    But I agree with everyone else – doing the dishes for me would be nice LOL!!!
    Annie @ Mama Dweeb recently posted..15bytypeA Weight Loss with FriendsMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Ah, your oldest is old enough to actually understand a little bit this year! So now maybe you will hear Happy Mother’s Day, lol! Before long you’ll have lots of hand-drawn cards and paper flowers! And yes, just having someone jump in a do something without having to be asked is an awesome gift!
    Thanks Annie!

    Christa aka the BabbyMama Reply:

    MY first mother’s day went much the same way, not even a smidge of acknowledgment that I’d recently given birth. I was spitting mad! And I had to explain in great detail that it mattered to me and I hoped it mattered to him until it finally sunk in.

    That was two years ago – last year, knowing how mad I was the year before, my husband surprised me with pottery classes. And I’m still taking pottery! This year, I’m too busy to care, but I still like surprises!
    Christa aka the BabbyMama recently posted..A Post In Which I Complain Just a Little BitMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    I think sometimes husbands of new new moms don’t wuite understand how it effects us! They are not being mean, they just don’t “get it”. Awesome that you have now educated him for proper protocol!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a plastic plate that my son handpainted and decorated for me. He wrote on it “Happy Mother’s Day mom, You are so nice, You loved me, Even when I had lice.” He was eight years old. He’s 23 now…sure does go fast. Happy Mother’s day ladies! From Teresa at http://www.nanahood.com
    Teresa from NanaHood recently posted..Mother of the Year Nominee 3My Profile

  • Since I still have a mom (a miracle in itself since I’m 51!) and buy myself enough stuff during the year, I’ll just celebrate my mom and leave me out of it. I’ve been sick the last two days and my husband has shown love through service, schlepping kids, cleaning, cooking – amazing! A great gift really!

    I’m here from Follow Friday and am following!

    bernicewood Reply:

    That is nice that hubby is taking care of you! And awesome that you have your mother! Mine passed away 6 years ago, so I don’t have that luxury, enjoy the time!

  • Personally, I’d just like for my family to be together for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, my oldest daughter is still in college, so she won’t be home. I’m sure she’ll be here in spirit, though. I’m visiting from SITS…have an awesome day!
    April recently posted..A Wee Bit Of Me WednesdayMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    My 2nd daughter is away working in Chicago for a couple of months, but she will be here towards the end of the month. I have told the kids not to worry so much about getting together until she is here. We will plan a gathering then. Tomorrow, hubby and younger daughter and her friend are going to take me to lunch and then at my request, wpend the afternoon at a lovely river about an hour from my home. I love just sitting and relaxing there and haven’t been since last year!
    Hopefully you guys will all be together soon!

  • When the kids were too little to understand I found that what I wanted for Mother’s Day were lessons to the kids from the husband on how to do it right, putting the person who’s day your planning ahead of your own needs. Now that the kids are older, I get the most joy watching their thought processes in planning, their creativity, and honestly from their excitement in planning the day than the day or gift itself. This year my youngest has been especially sweet, and in some ways I feel like I’ve already had my Mother’s Day treat from her.
    Kelly recently posted..Saving Money Using CouponsMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Very interesting Kelly, that you used Mother’s Day and other holidays to teach your children how to really make someone else feel special and teaching them to serve! Great learning experience!

  • I would love a camera for Mothers Day. I have an etsy shop and I think the pics of my items would be so much better if I used a camera and not my phone. ;)
    I have not owned a camera in years.

    I am following you on the follow friday 40 blog hop. Please follow me.

    It’s About Time Mamaw recently posted..My Bog Hopping FridayMy Profile

  • Great post! Thanks for polling us and giving us a voice! :) Appreciate your thoughtful way of connecting it all and reminding us of what’s important.

    Blessings to you, and Happy Mother’s Day!

    Haelie (a.k.a. @Decide2day )
    Haelie recently posted..Church Diversity by Scott WilliamsMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Hi Haelie!
    Glad you could be a part! Have a happy Mother’s Day yourself!

  • Hi Haelie,
    Thank you for giving a reminder.I have ordered a nice cake for my mother.I feel its not the gift but the emotions and love that matter.
    Shivam Garg recently posted..75 Off DollarDays Discounts CodesMy Profile

  • Last year, Me and my daughter go to my friend’s boutique to buy a dress for my wife. After searching for a while, my friend recommend a blue dress with floral pattern. When my wife received it, she seems very surprised. Why? She just bought the same dress last month. Really damn it.

  • I’m part of the crew that just wants to sleep in for a morning and not have to play mom. For mothers day I’d like to pretend to be the sweet and fun auntie. So i get to play with the kids and hang out, but have no responsibility to change diapers, cook dinner and discipline ANYONE! That would be an amazing mothers day!
    keya recently posted..Catching Your Life Vision – A Walk in God’s WillMy Profile