What is valuable to you?



The feeling of overwhelm that plague us typically us comes from the fact that we are doing too many things. We are responsible for too many things. And we can’t find the time to do them all. That never-ending pressure of always needing to be doing something keeps us stressed and incapable of truly relaxing and just be-ing. We try to organize and manage our time and activities, and that may work to a degree, but we truly have only so many hours in a day.

Not in sync

Another problem we may run into is that the things we do do not align with who we are. These activities may leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled and frustrated with our lives. The feelings of being overwhelmed and unfulfilled compound and lead us to feeling even more and more out of balance.

The first step in the Journey to Balance is to make sure you are doing the right things. Once you are doing the things that are important to you, your feelings of overwhelm will lessen as you begin to feel more fulfilled. It may not lead to a life of ease, but a fulfilled, active life doing what brings you joy is much better than trudging through a to-do list of things you hate.

Determining your personal values

The first step is to determine which values are important to you. Download the Values List below. Go through each section and choose which values are important to you. There is no set number, but try to limit to 12 or 15 values that are most important to you.

[Values List] To download the Values List, click this button! You may also right click and “save target as”.

It may be helpful to mark the ones that first jump out to you, then let it sit for a few hours and come back to it. Then you can edit by adding or subtracting from the list.

Create your own list from the ones you chose. Write them down for your reference. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to designate a notebook or a section of a notebook for your exercises that you complete during this journey.

Knowing what your values are is the first step in balancing your life. This is a very important step!

Be sure to check out the rest of the journey steps at the 8 week Journey to Balance page!

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