Time management and other weekend reading

This week I had several guest posts that all posted at the same time! The last two were stories about parenting and can be found here.  A third post of the week is below-

Is time management really possible?


Many of us are on the hunt for better time management skills to get everything done. Covers of magazines show time management articles. Blog posts and e-zines share tips for managing time. The shelves at the bookstore constantly have new time management titles. Visit Life Your Way for the rest of the post!

Some of my faves this week-

I read a great post on Undercover Mother about how an experiment with a sabbath has helped her gain some balance in her life.

One of the biggest stressors as far as belongings go is PAPER. Centsational Girl had a great post on how she organizes her papers!

Finally, if you have time, I encourage you to watch this awesome Veggie Tales story! My friend Cris from Goodeness Gracious shared with us on Twitter and I loved it! While Veggie Tales is great for kids, this story has such great deeper meaning and really shows how we let what others think about us directly affect our lives. You won’t be sorry if you watch, I PROMISE! And you might want a tissue…

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