The Weekend Edition of Living the Balanced Life

Below you will find the locations of my guest post for the week, plus some of my favorite links I came across during my reading this week!

My first guest post is over at Prime Parents Club-

The Family Weatherman

driving in the rain

When I was a younger adult, but already married with kids, I would get called several times a month by my father for the specific purpose of warning me about the weather. It was going to rain, it was going to freeze, the wind was going to be bad, whatever, he felt the need to call and tell me. I had a TV, radio, watched the news, etc so it wasn’t like I was able to learn of these things on my own! It used to irritate me so bad, that he would call me “just to make sure I had heard about the weather forecast”.

We did not have a wonderful close relationship during my growing up years. And through my young adult years I was so busy raising a family I didn’t spend a lot of time with my parents, even though they lived 30 minutes from us.

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My 2nd guest post for the week is over at Theta Mom Community. Heather heads up this community of moms, who are tired of trying to be supermom, and are redefining the role of motherhood, one mom at a time!


10 tools to help you be a more productive blogger

As mommy bloggers (or moms who blog) we have multiple areas of our lives we are responsible for. Our kids are a huge part of that, as well as our spouses or significant others. And then of course, somebody has to take care of the house so caring for ourselves may get thrown in there somewhere. As we are working to be successful in blogging, we are trying to keep everything in balance. One thing we can do is learn to be efficient and productive, making sure that the time we set aside for blogging, we’re able to get as much done as possible.

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I thought I would share some of my favorite posts I read this week! Hope they are helpful to you as well!

How an organized closet leads to an organized home at I’m an OrgJunkie

Clear priorities- When reality scares you straight at Minimalist at Home

5 drug-free ways to manage anxiety at Peace & Projects

Identifying your pressure points at Life Your Way

Do not give up before your time by Lolly Daskal

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