Talk to God… and then listen

Communication is vital to your faith relationship, just as it is with any other relationship.

There are two parts to communicating with God. Talking to Him and listening to Him.


If we talk about talking to God, most people will automatically think of prayer. Prayer is a type of talking to God, but it doesn’t have to be stiff and ritualistic, like most people would think of when they think of prayer.

Talking to God should be just like talking to a friend. No, he doesn’t reply back in the same way (we’ll talk about that in a minute) but we can talk to Him as if he was sitting right next to us.

Our conversation does not have to begin with some holy salutation, He wants you to have a relationship with Him just like a child would with a father. He wants to know what you are thinking and how you are feeling. He wants to know what you think of things that are going on in your life and how it is affecting you.

Very important note!  The thing about this is this, talking to God is not for His benefit. It is for ours. Talking to Him helps us feel closer, helps us live our dependence on Him, and it also helps us to work through some of the issues we may be dealing with.


The other part of communication is listening. Listening to God is a little different than listening to another person in a 2 way conversation. The most common way God speaks to us is through reading scripture. By reading His word you can get insight and clarification as to His thoughts and ways.

Another way that God speaks to us is through other people, particularly people in ministry, but not limited to the man (or woman) in the pulpit. God may give wisdom to another to speak to you.

And a third way that God communicates is through what is many times called “a still, small voice”. It is just a “knowing” that we hear or feel inside, a feeling of peace.

Writing on the wall

Even though that “knowing” happens on a fairly regular basis, I have a personal example of a very specific time it happened. We had homeschooled our kids for 8 years. My son was 15, and was supposed to be in the 10th grade but had not finished his 9th grade work. I loved homeschooling and had always said that we would homeschool until they graduated or until “God wrote it on the wall” that I was supposed to do differently. We live in a pretty crummy high school district, and I never wanted my kids to attend that school. With the issues we were having with our son (they extended way beyond getting his work done) we were at a point of not knowing what to do with him. I remember saying that to my husband. And he said,”we should enroll him in public school”. I remember distinctly taking a deep breath in and getting ready to say “over my dead body!” when a feeling of peace washed over me. I breathed out and said “you’re right!”

That has been over 5 years ago and I still remember that feeling. The peace of knowing what the right decision was. And God will help us with many decisions in our life, if we ask Him to. And then we have to listen. 

Making time and space to hear

If we are going to communicate with God and cultivate our faith relationship with Him, we must make the time to do so. In our crazy busy lives, it may tend to be one of the first things to go, but we need to make it a priority. The awesome thing is, once we realize it is a relationship that doesn’t have to be complicated, we can keep an ongoing conversation with God all the time. There is a scripture in the Bible that even says: “Pray without ceasing”.

We have to be careful though, because in the hustle and bustle of life, we may still be talking to Him, but we have to make sure that we have time and space in our lives to listen and hear Him speaking out to us. He wants to reach out to us, but He will not fight all the other stuff in our life if we choose it over a relationship with Him.

7 habits to help you build your faith

  1. Pray
  2. Spend time in meditation and contemplation
  3. Read scripture and other inspirational writings
  4. Listen to uplifting music
  5. Spend some time in nature
  6. Spend time with other spritual people
  7. Believe

What are some things you have done to help build your faith?

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14 comments to Talk to God… and then listen

  • Out Blog Hopping! I am your Newest GFC Follower! IF you get a chance I would love for you to come follow my blog :-)

    I really enjoyed this post! So many times we get consumed by worldly things and stop and be silent to hear God .. :-)
    Kelsey Apley recently posted..Free Sample of Emergen-C Drink RecipeMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Yep, it is very easy to get consumed and not make that space for God!
    Thanks for coming by! I will go visit you now!

  • Hi,
    I’m stopping by from 40FF hop and your title grabbed my attention, great post.
    I’m a new 3 week blogger.
    Hope recently posted..Project 2011 UpdateMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Welcome to the crazy, yet amazing blogging world! I shall go visit your blog this weekend!
    Thanks for coming by!

  • Thank you for the reminder to listen to God. My spiritual gift is prayer, but I haven’t practiced this enough. Also, the “knowing” is valid and you explained it very well. stopping by from Follow Friday for 40 & over. blessings on your day! k

    bernicewood Reply:

    Thanks Karen for coming by! Be sure to visit again!

  • Beautiful post! I’ve found I have to be very quiet so I can hear His voice. I’m a chatterer by nature, so it’s difficult but so wonderful when I stop the chatter to listen. Visiting and following from the Over40 hop. Happy Friday! :)

    bernicewood Reply:

    Oh that’s funny! I can imagine you talking so much and God just sitting back waiting to get a word in! :-)

  • What a great reminder. Most of us probably spend too much time talking to God and not enough time listening to Him. My husband and I are spending more time than ever talking and listening to God as we discern what steps to take next with my husband’s job ending. What peace comes when we spend time with Him.

    bernicewood Reply:

    I can only imagine how hard it is to know he’ll be without a job. But God has a plan, just continue to trust Him for the answers!

  • ram

    dear and divine…. happiness is prayer and thanks to God…

    Learn to unlearn for space….
    Worship of work for pace…
    Mind to no mind for surface….
    You to yourself for own face….
    No one to know one for grace….
    Touch one to everyone for solace….
    shower happiness for human race….
    Sing new life for life’s ace……
    Alive now for god’s place…..

    click here now …..own zero
    ram recently posted..God garland of dance 466My Profile

  • Lovely post. I am thankful to have read it.

    One of my favorite ways to spend time with God is pray Scripture. I was taught this by a book by Beth Moore called Praying God’s Word. God used it to help change my life almost 2 years ago.
    I pray Scripture (repeat it to God) and then thankfully ask Him for what I am lacking in His Word.
    I like to say things like, God, Your Word says that ALL things work together for good for those that love You and are called according to Your purpose. Lord, I love you and I need your help to see Your purpose and not my own. My circumstances overwhelm me sometimes and I am thankful that You will work them out for good. Thank You for this promise Lord. Help me to trust You and Your purpose for my life.

    Praying with Scripture helps keep my mind on God’s will and not mine.I have a scattered brain and choosing a Scripture to pray with or for someone gives me peace that I am praying His will because I am using His Word. Speaking His Word is supernatural in ways that can not be explained.
    May you feel the peace of Christ this day,

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