Strategies for a holiday weekend

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This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the United States which is a time dedicated to the memory of those who have served our country. Those who served have allowed us to live in a country that is free. This weekend also, however, serves as a kickoff of summer fun! Many people have plans for this weekend, lots go to the lake or the beach, many grill out and enjoy time with friends.

7 steps to keep you balanced this weekend and beyond

1. Make sure you get enough sleep- You may stay up later and sleep later, but try not to throw your sleep schedule off too much. You will end up feeling kinda crappy if you do!

2. Make sure you stay hydrated. It is hot, or at least it probably is. I know it will be here! And I know there will be quite a bit of drinking alcohol as well! While I am not gonna act like your mama and tell you not to drink, I will encourage you to be mindful of how much you are consuming. Take it slow, enjoy your drink! And in between? Have a big glass of refreshing ice water!

3. Eat wisely. This doesn’t mean no yummy hamburgers or creamy potato salad. What I suggest is that you eat mindfully. Choose your calories wisely, even if you aren’t counting them. Splurge where you will get the most satisfaction and enjoyment. An example:

Hubby, he likes meat and chips and all that manly kinda food. If he splurges, it may be on another burger or having chips and dip. As for me, I am a desserts kinda woman, so I will probably eat grilled chicken, salad and fruit so that I can have multiple desserts!

grilling hamburgers

4. Snack wisely- choose something with lean protein to keep your blood sugar even. A handful of almonds or pistachios, or a slice or 2 of cheese and crackers.

5. Wear sunscreen- My father passed away from skin cancer so I am big on the sunscreen! Apply it multiple times a day while outside! On everybody! Men are bad to just not think of this, slather on your partner!

6. Choose your activities- spend time with your immediate family. If your weeks are hectic, this is time to slow down and enjoy your partner or your little ones! Spend time with extended family. Have a gathering with friends you don’t see often, spend some time catching up. And, find a few minutes for you. Go for a walk. Read a book. Take a catnap. Do something for you! If you are working on a project, then throw yourself into it and get it done or make some progress and then enjoy a break!

friends hanging out

7. Take some time to reflect- First of all, take a minute to think of what the holiday is about. Be thankful for what you have been given! Secondly, how do you want your summer to go? Any specific plans you want to make? Things you want to do, places you want to go?

Overall, learn this Memorial Day weekend, to be mindful. Be mindful of what you have been given, what blessings you have, and the love and opportunities that surround you!

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