Some things are NON-negotiable

Whether we have stopped to think about it or not, some things in our lives are non-negotiable. There are decisions that are made in our mind based upon on our values and beliefs and convictions. And if we are faced with that situation, it is pretty easy to make a decision because it was made in our mind a long time ago.

Here are some examples of things I won’t do:

* I won’t break the law. (ehem, this might not include the occasional speeding…)

* I won’t cheat on my husband.

* Jeopardize the health and well-being of my children

* I won’t eat squid. Or sushi. Can’t stand chewy rubbery stuff!

Sometimes non-negotiables are things you WILL do:

* I will exercise. Maybe not daily, but several times a week.

* I will get enough rest. If I fall behind, I will make the effort to catch up.

* I will eat healthy, 90 % of the time.

* I will pay attention to my husband when he walks in the door from work. :)

* I will continually work on learning to live life in the moment.

Think about YOUR non-negotiables

What do you need to make some advance decisions on?

* The number of activities your children participate in each week.

* Volunteering for organizations

* The level of cleanliness (or clutter!) that you can live with at this point in your life.

* The foods you will and won’t allow in your home

* Decisions about your children, their friends, where they are allowed to go, the rules for being able to spend the night, etc. Having these rules in place can make parenting easier.

What about you? Have you given thought to some of the non-negotiable things in your life?

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