Plan, but not too much

Ready… Aim… Aim… Aim… Aim… FIRE ALREADY, will ya?

While planning is a good thing, over-planning and obsessing are not.  Many people use planning and organizing as an excuse to not have to take action. This may or may not be intentional.

Sure you don’t want to be irresponsible, but sooner or later you just need to do whatever it is you have been planning. Whether it is starting a business, inviting friends for dinner, or having a baby, all the planning in the world won’t make it happen if you don’t take action.

You have planned, you have considered the obstacles, you know the ropes, you have the resources ready, just pull back and let that arrow fly!

If you plan too long, that planning then becomes procrastination. And then you plan and procrastinate some more.

Sometimes we need to snap out of the complacency of today and move our butts towards what we want for tomorrow.

This was written by my friend Britt. You can read more of her post at In Pursuit of Happiness

Here are a few ways to help you let that arrow fly:

  • See where you want to be.
  • Decide the steps needed to get you there.
  • Set some deadlines.
  • Broadcast those deadlines, whether it is to your customers, your associates or your family.
  • Take one teeny step towards your dream.
  • And then take another.

Even if you can’t see the end picture yet, or don’t have all the details worked out, get moving anyway! It is much easier to steer a moving ship!

There is a free tool to help you do the little things each day to help you reach your goals. You can get more details about it here: irunurun

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” ~ Ivan Turgenev

What thing have you been aiming at forever? What is the first step you need to take?

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