Moms in business learn to prioritize life

Moms in Business Unite

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I attended a great half day conference in Atlanta last week hosted by Mothers in Business Unite. It was great time, packed with some vital information. There was some focus at the conference on creating actual products, manufacturing and bringing to market. Huggies Moms Inspired was one of the sponsors and they have a great program for women entrepreneurs to apply for a grant to help bring a product to market.

Q  & A Panel

One of the highlights of the day was a lunchtime panel of 5 business women, plus a moderator. Everyone is always curious to know how other women “made it”. Became successful. It was great to ask questions of them, and also to hear each of their stories.

Several of the questions asked were about how they got their product discovered, what was the most expensive mistake made, and other success type questions. Because here at Living the Balanced Life, I have had to learn and try to teach people to live by their priorities, I decided to pose a question to the panel.

My question- “What have you had to sacrifice or give up to be able to press for success in your business? What choices have you made based upon your priorities?”

That question started quite an interesting discussion. I thought it would be interesting to share with my readers what their answers were. Let me introduce each woman and tell a little about their business and then I will tell you each one’s answers.

The Panel


Renee Ross from Cute Booty Cakes diaper cakes, blogger, social networking queen

Renee has a preschool child. She says that the biggest thing she has given up is social time with friends locally. She does participate in a lot of events that are made possible by her social networking connections, and has lots of online friends, but her local social life is on the bottom of the list.


Shameeka Ayers- The Broke Socialite lifestyle blogger, elite social events

Shameeka has the benefit (I think!) of having an almost grown child, so he doesn’t require the physical care he once did. It was agreed among the panel and the attendees, that children require MORE attention as they get older. She says the one major thing she has given up is SLEEP. She seemed to be high energy and hopefully takes care of herself in other areas!


Britt Menzies- Artisit and creator of Stinky Kids product line, successfully sold online and in stores

Britt has been in business for 6 years. Some of the things she has given up through the years, especially during the start-up years were social outings, being at every single event of her children, sleep, phone chitchat, and financially sacrificing to make it to the point of licensing her product. While still a busy mom, she has achieved a level of success now that allows her to maintain the creative and marketing sides of the business, the areas she loves anyway! Britt has 2 elementary age children.


Desiree MillerBottles to Britches Premier Baby Planners as well as several other related businesses

Desiree has 4 school-aged children. One thing she does to keep her kids close to her while she is working is to have them help her. She recently did a HUGE baby expo in Atlanta and her kids were there working right beside her. She also plays tennis along with her kids as a way to have recreation, but spend time together. One major thing she has put on the back burner right now? SLEEP! She will burn the midnight oil when she has to, and make up for it when she can.



Tiffany Krumins- creator of Ava the Elephant as seen on Shark Tank

Tiffany has a 2 year old child, and has been through a lot to have her product recently manufactured. Her appearance on Shark Tank gave her a boost, but a lot of time and effort has been involved. She says she gave up everything except church and family. Those were her priorities and everything else has to go for this time in her life.



Maria Bailey from Blue Suit Media, writer, speaker, mentor

Maria, even though she was the panel moderator, wanted to chime in that the major thing she has given up to pursue her business and still make time for her family, was a large majority of her local friends. Maria has 4 teenagers. I feel for her, I do!


Concerned for the well-being of their children

So many women who are in business are concerned if their child is getting the attention they need. It was discussed that children of business women are learning to be strong, self-sufficient and to cope. I don’t mean this in a negative way, like they are being neglected. No, they will be stronger.

And another awesome point that was made about these women in business? What they HAVE been able to give their kids?:

  •  They are showing their kids that it is okay to go after their dreams.
  • That something worth having is worth working for.
  • And they are learning how to prioritize the people, activities and things in their lives.

These women may have given up some things for the success of their business, but they never failed to put their family first in the long run. And their families and businesses will be stronger for it, and so will they, but first they need some sleep, lol!

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