Life is full of doors, hallways and windows

We’ve all heard the expression:

When one door closes, another one opens!

And I do believe this. I believe in God, and that He is actually looking out for me and for my future and that He has a plan and things in mind for me. He knows what is best for me.

Now, I know that not all my readers believe the same as I do about God, but I do know that most religious viewpoints will agree with the door analogy. So, even if you don’t believe just as I do, I hope you will continue to read this post as I feel it can be helpful to all!

The problem with this is, many times your current door may close before the next one opens. You may not know where to go next. You don’t know or understand the path you are supposed to take. I heard a variation on the saying above. It goes something like this:

When one door closes, another opens eventually, but these hallways are HELL!

When the door closes, we begin looking around, waiting to see what happens next, looking for other routes and opportunities.

Sometimes it seems as if there are none.

Sometimes the hallway may be wide open and the options are so many that we don’t know where to go next.

And sometimes the hallway can seem to go on forever. We don’t see any obvious options, we don’t have an answer or solution.

We may even come across a window and wonder if the answer is there.

When we are seeking for direction, for the next steps, the next door, the next window, we must be open-minded and we must have FAITH.  The definition of faith is: to have confidence in a person (including a higher power) or a thing.

5 things to do while in the hallway

1. Spend time daily in prayer and/or meditation. Seek out what is right path for you by spending time in quiet contemplation. Ask the questions you need answered and then just WAIT.

2. Use a journal. During your time of prayer and meditation and afterward, write anything that comes to mind in a journal. This can be by hand or on the computer. Just let your thoughts and words spill out. Sometimes the answers are already there, you just have to let them out. Or, the answer may be coming from your meditation and by journaling you are allowing the answer to be heard.

3. Read and research. Be open-minded when presented with ideas that are different than what you normally would think. Accept that it might be time for a total change. Sometimes the door closes to FORCE you to go a different path, one you never would have even considered in your previous circumstances.

4. Talk to others. Talk to them about what they do. Explore ideas and opportunities. See how what others are doing might intertwine with what you may need to be doing.

5. Keep moving. While I encourage you to have faith and seek out an answer, and one biblical principle is to “Wait upon the Lord”, I believe that we are expected to be looking for our answer. Most of the time God doesn’t just drop something in our laps. It is usually while we are actively living and seeking that we find our answers. Not with panic, but with a peace, knowing that the answer will come. The path will open up to you, when the time it right.

I am personally in a very long hallway right now. I feel like I have gone through a few doors and down a few halls, but this current one is long and seems to be very dark. I am having to learn to rely on my faith and know that something good will come from this. You see, I believe that while we are in these hallways, we are learning some character lessons as well. And I tend to be a bit hard-headed.

So, as I wait, I will do the 5 things I suggested above, waiting for the next door or window to make itself known.(And praying that I learn this lesson quickly!)

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14 comments to Life is full of doors, hallways and windows

  • Martha

    I sure appreciate your honest candor as you share your story of, not just the happy, got it all together time, but just as much the dark unknown times. You have been a breath of fresh air once again!

  • LOVE IT! & your honesty! I firmly believe God will close doors, He recently closed several in my life, and while other doors have opened, there are a few which have lead me to long hallways. I sometimes feel like the hallway is the one on Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the further I walk, the lower the ceiling gets and it ultimately requires me to get on my knees!

  • Love this post. It is very timely for me as I too am in a very long hallway right now too. Learning to have faith and wait are so very hard to do. Thank you for sharing.
    Misty recently posted..Jesus LovesMy Profile

  • I keep moving when I am in the hallway, Bernice. I just never stop, as I am not a person to take rest while the job stays unfinished. I always keep telling myself I will have plenty of time to rest under the ground… But, until then, I am taking the best I can out of my life.
    Take care!
    Kristina L. recently posted..CherryBrook Coupon CodeMy Profile

  • Nikkie

    Those are really great photos!!They are all awesome…I am dreaming to visit those places too…Thank you for the inspiration…
    Nikkie recently posted..Does Driver Finder Really Work?My Profile

  • Nikea

    Significance is definitely what I am looking for. Success can be short-lived whereas significance can be a legacy left behind even when I am not around.

    Great post!
    Nikea recently posted..Chinaillon AccommodationMy Profile

  • Joe

    You didn’t need to write a word. Your writing is elegant and lovely, but the images told the whole story. I hope your door is a double door and swings open wildly and ceremoniously to your new opportunitys! In the meantime, I truly enjoy what you have to say, please keep it up.
    Joe recently posted..Strollers And Prams Reviewed – The Bugaboo Cameleon vs. The BumbleRide Queen BMy Profile

  • Hi there. Nice post. Thanks for sharing it.
    You know, I always think that, when I want something, but in the end, no matter how hard I tried, I still can’t get it, it doesn’t mean the world’s going to end or something. But it’s simply just God wants to give me another chance to get something better than that. That way, you won’t be giving up easily in your life.
    Jake Black recently posted..Montana Horsehair Thief Still Running WildMy Profile

  • Abby

    wow very honest and inspiring post!and i love how you write it and the photos as well.
    Abby recently posted..Trying To Get Pregnant TipsMy Profile

  • These are great suggestions. I’m walking down a long hallway, as well. I graduate in May, and I’m trying to decide if I should do grad school or go into the job market. I’m an English major, so there are so many different things I can do with it, I don’t even know where to start looking. But I definitely need to do these things, and really trust that God is going to take care of me. Thanks for the post.
    Lauren recently posted..Why I Came HereMy Profile

  • This is excellent advice at the right time for me because I needed it!

  • Bernice,
    Frst of all, that was my Mother’s name. So I had to take a look at your site lol. I too am going through what seems to be a long hallway as well. Hallways put simply…. suck. I’m Catholic and I’m very religous so I agree with you on this. But sometimes, I hate that saying “when one door closes, another door opens” It’s so very annoying when you’re hurt and lost. As when I lost my Mom and a well meaning person says that to you, I wanted to punch them. lol Anyway, Here’s hoping YOUR hallway is getting shorter all the time !

  • Maggie

    Just today I was talking with my mother, and I said life is like a long hallway that may take years to walk to the end but along the way we open doors, we walk in and sometimes get stuck in a room, it can be a bad room and you know when it’s a bad room when you realize that you want to step back into the hallway and realized you haven’t moved an inch, your stuck in time. I will be careful of the doors I want to open. Im making a list of all the rooms I have currently open or locked(?) and a list of rooms that I want to create and so I will know exactly what Im going to get when I walk into a new room. Choose your rooms carefully and wisely!

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