Letting go of the hard stuff so the real me can emerge

This post is part of an awesome series that the ladies over at SITS put together. If you don’t know who SITS is, you gotta check them out! An awesome group of women full of support and encouragment! The series is called Letting Go: How to Inspire the Best in You. You can link up here at the LettingGo Link up!

I have quite a bit to let go of. I want to let go of the feelings of failure from having experienced a mental meltdown last year. I want to let go of the anxiety that plagues me often throughout the week still. I want to let go of the lack of confidence that is holding me back from the next things in my life.

Letting Go

Good-bye Dr. Jones!

I had aready made the decision that I was at the point I needed to move on from my weekly counseling sessions. I have gotten much better and had been feeling like they were now a crutch instead of the stepping stones that had been for the past 8 months.

Embracing the scars

I am embracing the scars that the past 3 years (and further) have left in my heart and mind. They have been tough, but they have made me a stronger woman for it. Things like a heart procedure for husband, beginning a very stressful, yet rewarding corporate career, husband suffering a brain aneurysm and being in ICU for 2 weeks and not knowing what the outcome will be, working 80+ hour weeks and not listening to my body, going to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack, having a breakdown in front of your boss, being barricaded behind my own fear and anxiety and not leaving the house. 

These things above have been tough, and though I am embracing the scars they have left me with, I am releasing their hold on my future. It is time for me to move on. Under these scars, I am a strong woman. And it has been made painfully clear to me that I am at my strongest when I admit that I cannot do it all. Only when I submit my stubborness and my need for control to God, does He come in and help me to achieve the best things in my life.

Building on my strengths

My strengths are empathy, encouragement, inspiring others, helping them to see in themselves what they have been unable to believe. I am an innovative thinker, ready to attack new challenges. I love to connect and to help connect others together. If I didn’t already know this about myself, I have plenty of corporate personality testing to back it up!

One thing I enjoyed about the corporate job that I left was that I was able to sit down with women and help them explore their strengths and talents and discover what their true passion was. What they really wanted to be doing with their life. To see that light in their eyes when they finally believed that they were made for something more than what they were currently doing, was awesome.

Shooting for the stars

The time has come for me to build on these strengths and to shoot for the stars! You will see in the upper right corner, there is a link that says Discovering the New You. This is the start of the next phase. Over the next few months I will be building and developing a personal life coaching business. My dream is to help everyone to enjoy getting out of the bed in the morning!

My goal is to offer life coaching at prices that people can actually afford. I will also be offering some video course and group coaching sessions in the future to help keep the cost down.


Know that I am not abandoning Living the Balanced Life! I believe there is a need for the tips and guidance provided here. You may notice a few changes, but they won’t be major and they would be slow in coming. Please know that I will still be here!

I wrote another post that is along these same lines, but where I was in my recovery journey a few months ago- If you are interested, you can read here- Letting go of who I thought I was supposed to be

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