Letting go of perfection

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I am reading pretty awesome book titled Pretty Neat The buttoned-up way to get organized & let go of perfection. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-authors, Sarah Welch, while I was at Blissdom in January this year. And then I happened to win a copy of this book during a giveaway a few months later over a Tree Root and Twig. I have finally gotten around to reading it and it is an awesome book!

You see, I have this part of me inside that likes to think she’s organized and has it all together. I LOVE shopping at Ikea and Office Depot and Target for organizational supplies. I am drawn to articles and blog posts that have awesome pictures of neatly organized shelves and drawers and closets. I think I am so drawn to it, hoping that somehow it will rub off by osmosis!

So for me to be drawn to this book is not unique for me, by any means. However, it is the subtitle of the book that really speaks to me and where I am in my life right now, and I bet it speaks to a lot of you. A way to get organized and LET GO OF PERFECTION.

The quest for imperfection

Many of my readers will remember the book I wrote about a few months ago called Good Enough is the New Perfect- Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood. You might like to go check it out if you have not read the post. It was an awesome book to help a mother define what is her new perfect as opposed to the perfect that has been imposed on us by culture.

This book, Pretty Neat, deals with perfection in the context of being organized and having your physical world altogether, as well as your schedule. It is not about how to attain perfection in these areas, but to learn what level of imperfection is good enough for you.

To decide what things are REALLY important and must be done and to also decide which things really aren’t that important to you so why are you even stressing about them in the first place?

And letting them go.

Without guilt.

Giving up perfection

Think of some areas in your life where you may have already given up perfection, for whatever reason.

  • Making the bed each morning
  • Kids getting bathed every night, especially during the winter
  • Clean kitchen every day
  • No clutter in the family room
  • A clean car

Many of us probably have given up getting all these things done on an everyday basis, simply because life is BUSY. I encourage you to do 2 things:

  1. Accept that it is okay that these things aren’t done, or aren’t done very regularly. That it is okay. It doesn’t make you a bad momma or a lazy person. (I love my friend Stacey over at I’m a Lazy Mom! Check out her blog!)
  2. Find other things in your life that you can put on your Not To-DO list. Or at least not-to-do-very-often! Um, I cannot tell you the last time I washed the windows on my house. Maybe when we painted 10 years ago? Not important to me!

Benefits of being imperfect

The benefits from the 2 steps above are awesome. First, you free yourself from the guilt that you aren’t doing what you SHOULD. Guilt can be quite a burden and you don’t need to carry it around for things such as how organized or clean your house is. Release yourself!

Secondly, it gives you the time and energy to focus on what IS important to you. Instead of worrying about all those things you SHOULD be doing, you can determine what you REALLY want and need to focus on in your life, and do those things instead.

Another great benefit for all of us is this: When we allow ourselves to be imperfect, we give those around us permission to be imperfect as well. We can learn to encourage and support one another in our imperfect lives rather than trying to always prove ourselves to one another.

How do you rate on this? Do you have standards you are trying hard to keep? Or have you released yourself from them? What could you STOP doing to make your life easier?

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