Is your busyness covering up pain?

In our world today, it is almost expected that we be busy, stay busy all the time. And many of us just accept it as part of life.

Oh, we may complain (or brag to show our worth) about how busy we are, yet we continue to let the busyness rule our life.

Could it be that by staying so busy you don’t have the time or energy to think?

To think about the things in your life that aren’t going your way?

To think about what you need to change, what you should really be focusing on?

Are some of these buried inside of you?

*I want a new job, I HATE mine.

*I would love to start a business doing __________, but I don’t know where to start.

*My husband and I are growing farther and farther apart, are we headed for divorce?

*Stephanie has seemed more distant lately. It is so difficult to connect with young teenagers.

*Despite all we have tried to do, we may STILL lose the house. Then what?

*My health sucks, I feel terrible, I’m fat, I hurt, I have no energy.

Too busy to think

By staying busy, we can stuff these feelings down. After all, these are BIG issues that can’t be handled in an afternoon, so we just need to wait until we have the time to deal with it. This is what we tell ourselves.

Now, I am going to be a little harsh here. YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME TO FACE YOUR ISSUES. Situations like the ones above will not just resolve on their own. They have to be faced head on. You don’t want to wait until they come to a head and explode!

Do you need to tackle everything at once? Probably not, but you need to start somewhere.

So, how DO you make that happen?

*You MAKE TIME to think.

*You say No to an activity.

*You turn off the TV or the computer.

*You cancel some obligations that aren’t as important to YOU.

*You ask for help from a spouse, friend or family member.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Gone with the Wind. The heroine, Scarlett O’Hara is notorious for saying,

“I can’t think about this today. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

May you stop putting the important things off till “tomorrow” and make the time to think about them, no matter how difficult that may be.


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