How to schedule your priorities

Don’t prioritize your schedule — schedule your priorities.”

                                                                                             ~ Stephen Covey

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Scheduling our priorities

Many time management systems recommend that you make your task list and then prioritize each activity by using A, B, C… Stephen Covey’s statement above turns that system around and sounds more like what I try to live by and teach in my business.

Many of us have a long list of things we think we SHOULD be doing, or that we feel compelled to do because of the pressure that society places on us as mothers, or maybe even by expectations placed on us by family members. Then we try to prioritize and schedule activities by their importance. And we typically never actually get them all done. (Many times this leaves us with a burden of guilt).

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1 comment to How to schedule your priorities

  • jennifer sorvold

    I am a mother of a 1 year old and 4 yr old and I work fulltime. Im constantly battling over achieving a fair balance. I would love any advice to feel guilt free at the end of the day.