How to finally do what you REALLY want to do

Do you have a big project you are having difficulty completing? Does it seem to be a mountain you cannot climb? You feel as if you will never reach the summit?

mountain summit

Many times we put off starting the climb or working on the project because it is so daunting. We see people make that climb everyday, whatever it may be in your life. Yet those who have succeeded are not necessarily smarter or stronger than you or I. There is one thing they have chosen to do that many have not.

They chose to DO something.

They got tired of sitting and waiting for good things to happen to them.

They got tired of watching others achieve success.

They got tired of depending on others for their happiness.

They got tired of doing nothing.

How to climb that mountain

Decide WHICH mountain you really want to climb.

Decide what tools and resources you will need.

Decide the route you will need to take to make it to the mountaintop.

Consult with a guide about your trip.

Gather your supplies and resources.

But don’t spend too much time preparing.

Start climbing. 

As soon as possible.

One step at a time.

It’s the only way you’ll make it to the top.


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The Stressed

Successful women

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