How does your faith affect your ability to cope?

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I know that the subject of faith is a personal one, and I know that not all my readers will agree with everything I write on this topic. Let us agree now to respectfully disagree. This is not meant to be a debate over whose faith is best, or true, but an exercise in how one’s faith can help them to maintain a level of balance in their life.
While I am a Christian, I know that your faith may be different. I encourage you to take the core message of these Faith posts and interpret them according to your own personal beliefs.

How can faith help you achieve balance?

I think it is important that we believe there is someone or something bigger than ourselves looking out for us. I believe that there is and that He cares for me very much. This faith helps me to know that I am loved and that He wants the best for me, even if I don’t know what that is yet.

We may struggle with the different areas of our life and what is best for us to be doing at the moment. If we reach out, in prayer and communicate with God, He is more than willing and able to help us and give us answers. This comes in different ways, and although there are some who have heard an audible voice, the answers are more likely to come as peace in our heart over a decision, or just a “knowing” in our spirit that the direction we are going is right. Sometimes the answer may come by doors closing but a window opens instead!

We are living in a flawed world, and even though I believe in God, I know that because of this flawed world, we don’t always have a life of ease. We have struggles and pain. Some of this pain is from our own doing, though much of it is not. And God may remove or ease some of that pain, or He may choose to be with us in the middle of it. Sometimes we may need to be learning something through the pain.

Help for my journey

As I have been on my recent journey for balance, I have had to fight against wanting to “fix” me all by myself. I have had to learn to reach out to the One who created me. After all, if He made me, He should know how I work and what needs fixing and what doesn’t! My stubbornness to do it by myself has slowed down the healing process, I feel, and some of the lessons I need to learn have to be repeated.

I know that overall, if I will surrender myself to God,

and to my faith in Him, things improve.

I have more direction,

I can make decisions about my life, and

I have hope for the future.

Without faith, I sink into despair.

 Now it is time to truly do some soul searching and examine how your faith, or lack of, is affecting your ability to cope with your everyday struggles.

Faith and Balance worksheetClick here to download the Faith and Balance worksheet You may also right-click and “save target as”.

Finding and deepening your faith can help in balancing your life.

Leave a comment below with your comments about your faith, or you can post them over at Facebook or on Twitter!

Here is the first week of the Journey to Balance.

I want to share an awesome song from Casting Crowns for my Christian readers!

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14 comments to How does your faith affect your ability to cope?

  • Without my faith in myself and a higher being ~ I would not have made it this far ~ I know somedays I am very in touch with Spirit and other days ~ well I need reminders which is why this ‘workshop’ is so good ~ I am still working on the priorites ~ my health is first as in ‘if you don’t have your good health’ you can’t do much ~ what I learned from this of priorites was I tend to put everything before my creating and I need to get back to my creating and get my art work out into the world this Spring ~ I know that ‘fear’ is blocking me and causing me to hesitate ~ need to work through that ~ so one step at a time ~ I have a mantra that works ‘I am here Spirit. Spirit you are here.’ ~ till next time ~ thanks and hugs and namaste, cz:)
    Carol recently posted..HEALING THE TRAUMAS OF LIFEMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    I am glad you have your faith and that it helps you. We all need reminders! And you are absolutely right, if you don’t have your health, you are limited in what you can do, so you have to make that a priority. Keep working on your art! I visited your blog and saw some of your sketchings, great stuff!

  • My beliefs are different, but faith still plays an important role in my life. I ask for help and guidance just as you do, and I always feel supported. I can’t imagine not having that strength to draw on, as is the case for atheists, though I do respect their beliefs too! Thanks for posting this Bernice.

    Tanja from Minimalist Packrat recently posted..Minimalist Blogs Roundup- Apartment EditionMy Profile

  • This is a really interesting subject for me. I used to be a strict atheist, and I’d listen to what Christians would say and not be able to relate at all. I’ve found that now that my beliefs has grown to more spiritual stance, I’m able to agree with what any religious person says. At this point, the universe, or Infinite Intelligence, or whatever, is what I think of when I hear God.

    I think while it’s not the same, it’s also not too far from how many Christians believe. Kind of cool to come full circle. Great post. :)

    Fred Tracy Reply:

    I honestly like the song too. :P
    Fred Tracy recently posted..Why You Shouldn’t Be YourselfMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    I can’t imagine how someone who is an athiest truly copes. I am glad you have found a spiritual balance that is best for you now. And I am glad you liked the song! They are a great band!
    Thanks for visiting, Fred!

  • I love, love, love Casting Crowns. We got a chance to see them in a small-group setting at Creation West and listen to Mark Hall and the other band members share some about their lives. They really do “walk their talk”. Faith has gotten our family through some really difficult times. I don’t know how anyone is able to face serious life difficulties without being able to “give it to God”.

    bernicewood Reply:

    I know that in my times of extreme difficulties, that is all I can do, is cry out to God. How cool you got to meet Mark and the band up close! They are from the Atlanta area and used to perform for free at their church so we have seen them several times and gotten autographs. I love their music and lyrics!
    Blessings to you!

  • I love that Casting Crowns song! Heck, I love almost all of their songs. Amazing band! ;)

    My faith in God (and my faith in being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ) assures me of “a good ending” to everything. With that, I mean that when this life is over, we’ll spend eternity with Him and that’s all that counts.

    By saying that, I don’t mean that ‘everything in life will turn out o.k.’, which is a belief that is popular among Christians nowadays. (I wrote a post against that ‘prosperity gospel’ recently, if you care to read it, it’s over here)

    Being a Christian, there’s absolutely no guarantee that our lives will be easy, or that God will clear the way for us. Just think of the ‘great men’ in the Bible: John was sentenced to Patmos, Stephen was stoned to death, Peter is believed to be crucified, etc.) – What we may learn from those stories is that God doesn’t always provide for ‘health, wealth and peace on earth’, not even for His children… but we may also know that we’re only here for a short time and after that comes eternity. (In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “this too shall pass”!)

    THAT’s what gives me strength! Knowing that God cares enough about me to have saved me is enough.

    Greetings from the Netherlands :)

    p.s. as for ‘giving peace about a decision’ – I’d like to add that whatever that decision may be, it always HAS to be in line with scripture. Sometimes, our hearts can deceive us and we think we may feel ‘peace’ given by God. If it’s out of line with scripture, then the decision is never ok, no matter what feeling we have going with it :)
    Jurino recently posted..Never stop asking “why”My Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Hi Jurino!
    I recently discovered your blog and love it!
    Casting Crowns are awesome. Their home church is not too far away and we used to be able to see them perform for free! Love their music and ministry!
    I love what you had to say in your comments. Having faith in God does not mean that everything will turn out perfect. It may turn out awful, in our opinion, but the awesome thing is, He will be with us in those awful times. He will give us strength and even carry us, if we will allow Him to.
    Oh, and I absolutely agree with the peace about a decision. It is just that so many things are perfectly *fine* but they may or may not be what God has planned for us. I have struggled about the evolvement of this blog and what it is supposed to become, and I don’t thing blogging was covered in the Bible! But, doing things to bring glory to God was. And so was being compassionate and supportive of those in pain, helping to bear one another’s burdens. That is sort of where I see my blog going.
    I so appreciate your visit! Come again anytime!

  • teres

    i always say that god sometimes gives the strongest people the most difficult challenges because he knows we can handle them. he throws us things so we can learn from them and improve ourselves, thereby, improving the world around us. my faith is the way i cope; of course, my husband, my family and the look in my son’s eyes also help. one of my grandmothers was very spiritual and so when she passed away, it was very bittersweet because although i had lost her, i knew darn well where she was and that was where she always knew her life would really begin. so i knew she was happy. she was with god, sitting on angel’s wings, with my grandpa, drinking tea and singing hymns. that’s how my faith helps me to cope. to believe that there is something bigger than me is comforting in so many ways. i am catholic. i am christian. i am a believer. i have faith.

    bernicewood Reply:

    That belief in something bigger than us is so awesome! And I also believe that he allows things to come our way to help us learn from them.
    Thanks so much for coming by!

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