Have you outgrown your space?

I have outgrown my pot. Have you?

root bound plant

If you stay in your own little world too long, you will not only stop growing, but begin to shrink and possibly wither and dry up. Your roots have nowhere else to expand to, and they give up trying to grow.

This is how I have been feeling lately. Many of my readers know that I suffered a mental meltdown last summer. I left my job and came home to get better, to get healthier all the way around. And in some ways I have. And in other ways, I haven’t.

Too Comfortable- I have gotten too comfortable staying at home all day, alone. I have gotten too comfortable not seeing people face-to-face other than my family on a daily basis. I have gotten too comfortable not stretching myself any further than my own little world, other than online.

Too Complacent- in some ways, I have gotten complacent with where I am. I feel confident where I am. I am the big person in a little playing field. I am not having to compete or put forth much effort. I “know” this place I am in.

rootbound plant

Root Bound

What happens though, when you stay in a space too small for you, is that your roots get all bound up. They get all intertwined together. They get too close, too much time together.

For me, I believe that this has possibly caused me to be too introspective, too concerned over myself, if you think that is possible. While I am all about taking care of oneself, I think there is a time and a place when you need to just get out of yourself and do something different.

In my own garden

I have noticed in my own container garden, that I had plants that had stopped growing because they needed to be moved to a bigger pot. When we did so, they looked funny at first, a little bitty plant in a big pot. I bet that plant felt a little odd, a little lonely, a little out of his element.

This morning, however, I looked back at my little squash plant that had been repotted a couple of weeks ago. It is thriving! It is growing and spreading its vines into its new space! It has acclimated to the bigger pot.

Moving to a bigger pot

So, while it may be scary for me to consider transplanting myself into a bigger pot, into a space where I no longer am the big plant in the little pot, I feel it is necessary if I am to grow. I know that it will be scary, and I will be uncomfortable. I won’t have that comfort zone I am used to.

I do know, by observing nature, and by knowing human nature, that if I give myself time, space and adequate nurturing, I will spread my vines and expand to the capacity that I know I am capable of. 

One of my first steps?

I am participating in a trade show this Saturday where I have a booth and will be speaking to people as they go by. My goal? To increase my readership and mailing list and to seek out opportunities to speak in my metro area. Scary, but I can do this!

What about you? Do you need to look at a bigger pot? How would you like to spread your vines and grow?

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23 comments to Have you outgrown your space?

  • Jan


    Excellent post and analogy. If we can see this with plants it surely means that we need to see it in ourselves too. When I started my blog Under the Cover of Prayer last June it was a commitment to God. I had started other blogs but never been faithful to write. I heard Him loud and clear – write. In April I started another blog called A Better Way. More writing – for Him. Then I started to comment on other blogs – more writing.

    So He has pushed me out of my comfort zone into a new world.

    I read this morning: “Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”
    I like that. Don’t compare; follow God and we can never be wrong.

    Blessings for a wonderful day,
    Jan recently posted..WHAT IS HIDING IN YOUR CLOSETSMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Thanks Jan! It isn’t always easy to push forth and grow, but if it is what we are called to do, we must must go!

  • Linda

    Kudos to you and your commitment to grow! Maybe it’s something in the air but I’ve been thinking about similar things lately and deciding that maybe I would like my world to be a little bigger. As spring has finally arrived here and the trees are in bloom there are more people out and about — more opportunities to connect. Coming out of “hibernation” is a fantastic time to try out those “new thoughts” that have developed over the winter. Thanks for your blog!

    bernicewood Reply:

    I never really thought about it but I do feel like I have been in hibernation! What a great time to come out, when spring is in full force!
    Thanks for your comment and good luck to you!

  • Mary

    Oh my, great minds DO think alike. I’ve been in a very small pot for a very long time. It’s kind of scarey to think of expanding my little world, but at the same time, a little exciting too. Glad I’m not the only one who has trouble taking the leap.

    bernicewood Reply:

    Yes, it is a little scary! And it doesn’t help that I have been a little under the weather since writing this post! Trying to stay positive and push forward! You can do it!

  • Love the analogy! And good for you for taking steps outside of your comfort zone!

    bernicewood Reply:

    Thanks Shell!

  • what a great analogy!! love this!

    bernicewood Reply:

    Glad you liked the analogy! Thanks for coming by!

  • that is a great post…..and I have to say…when I get too comfortable in my ‘pot’…God finds a way to bust it open and force me to move open…like the open/closed door analogy! Blessings!
    Rebecca recently posted..Planting Mustard Seeds- Either For or Againstno GreyMy Profile

  • I love your word picture! I am still trying to grow deep roots in the pot I am in.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Hooray! Today is my SITS Day!My Profile

  • You go girl! Love this post, way to Step Out in Faith!! I totally did a vlog along these same lines today. God Speaks!!
    Steph recently posted..Something Different and Truth For Thursday!My Profile

  • Hi from SITS! This post is truly inspirational, and I know how you feel. I just recently moved to a slightly larger space, yet I feel so much freer and happier. Your blog is inspirational, and I will definitely be back to visit :)

  • Heather

    I outgrew my pot a long time ago. SO I donated it and now I am free…to do as I please..no constraints. Thanks for the validation. : )

  • What a beautiful analogy! I loved this post! I have felt root bound in the past year, and I just got a new pot! I’m looking forward to what’s ahead. :) This post really made me smile. Thank you! Stopped by from PYHO.
    Adrienne recently posted..My Top 5 Moving DontsMy Profile

  • Great post. Hope you have fun and feel successful at the trade show.

  • sounds both exciting and scarey good luck

  • I’m so glad you tweeted about this post this morning or I never would have found it. The image of being root bound is so relatable. I am a gardener who has to repot plants quite often. I hadn’t though of that in terms of a life, but you are exactly right. Put a plant into a bigger pot and magical things happen….just like a life.
    Bob Lowry recently posted..You Are The Expert- SometimesMy Profile

  • Great thoughts. Great analogy. Think this is why it’s so important for people to keep learning and trying new mental or physically challenging things. It reminds us that we can do great things and for me personally it helps me stay comfortable in my own place. Good luck on your new adventure!

  • That’s a great analogy! I have also found myself too comfortable in the past year. I’m trying to find the bigger pot I need to be in. So far, that has meant “throwing away” the blog I worked on for a year, making 2 new ones and dedicating time each night to writing a book that I’ve wanted to but kept putting off.

    Good luck this weekend!
    Heather recently posted..Kid-Approved Bacon QuicheMy Profile