Get your priorities straight

The first exercise helped you discover what values were important to you. This is important to know before we move to the next exercise, so if you didn’t do it, go back and do so now!

Your season of life

In this exercise, we are going to bring this more closely to our day-to-day life. Although we all come from different walks of life, we each have our own set of responsibilities and our own stressors. Some may be new mothers, others may be empty nesters, each in a different season of their lives.

We are going to talk about your priorities and making sure you have them straight. It is important to understand and come to grips with the fact that certain priorities take precedence during certain seasons of our lives. Raising children typically take precedence over most other priorities, so in the midst of that season, your priorities may be limited or at least shifted.

Determining your priorities

One thing that can cause feelings of being overwhelmed and off balance in life is due to the fact that you are not living by your priorities. You may be living on auto-pilot, just doing whatever is thrown at you. Or you may be doing the things you were “supposed” to do, imposed by your family or the culture around you. To gain some control over those overwhelming feelings, and start to regain some balance in your life, you must determine what your priorities are at this point in your life.

Begin to think about some of the activities you are doing in your day. Are you doing it because it is something you chose to do, or is it something that has just become habit? Does it help you get what you are wanting out of life or does it take away from it?

A quick little quiz

Here is a fun little exercise to just get you thinking about the order of your priorities. 

Five things are happening in your house at the same time. In which sequence would you solve them?                                           
1. The telephone is ringing!                                             
2. The baby is crying!                                                   
3. Someone’s knocking or calling you from the front door!                 
4. You hung the clothes out to dry and it is beginning to rain!           
5. You left the tap on in the kitchen and the water is already overflowing!  

In which sequence would you solve these problems?

First write YOUR sequence from 1 to 5 then scroll below and read after!

BUT BE HONEST, THE FINDINGS ARE EXCITING.                                 








Every individual point represents something in your life.                 
On the list you can see which meaning every point has:                   
1. Telephone represents Work                                             
2. Baby represents Family                                                 
3. Door represents Friends                                               
4. Clothes represent Money                                               
5. Tap represents Love Life                                               

Your chosen sequence determines the priorities in your life.  

FYI, my answers were 2,5,3,4,1

Now, this is not scientific, but it does show you a thing or two about what is important to you! 

Six months to live?

Another way to think about what is important to you is to consider what would you do if you were told you only had 5 years to live? 1 year? 6 months? 6 weeks?  I know this is a tough one, but having been faced with almost losing my husband to a brain anuerysm, you learn to consider what is truly important in life.

Put it on paper!

Now it is time to truly do some soul searching and determine what your priorities are in life. You need to pull your values list back out as well and refer to it as you choose your priorities. Click to download the Priorities list.
[Values List]Click here to download the Priorities List. You may also righ-click and “save target as”.

Defining your priorities are is an important step in balancing your life.

Leave a comment below with your top priorities, or you can post them over at Facebook or on Twitter!

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