Do the holidays throw you off balance?

Maybe you have somewhat settled your life into a routine. Maybe you have worked hard to define your priorities and make the hard decisions to live by them. Or maybe you still feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants!

Whatever your situation, does the prospect of the holidays make you a little panicky?

Are you worried that you are going to be overloaded and overwhelmed and feel like you are drowning in your life?

Let’s talk about some ways we can keep that from happening.

The best thing we can do is PLAN AHEAD. Find out asap when all the typical parties and gatherings will be held. School parties, company parties, office parties, church parties. Find out about volunteer opportunities that you want to take advantage of. Don’t wait until these things fall into your lap at the last minute and you worry about how you are going to “do it all”.

Put these events on your calendar. Put them on your digital calendar and sync with your partner. With children in the house, it also helps to have a wall calendar so everyone can see what is happening when. (Plus you are teaching your kids to use a calendar for planning their lives).

When we had a busy family business and several homeschooling kids, we used a wipe off wall calendar that we hung on the fridge. It was our life line! I liked the 60 day version as it gave be a big picture at a glance.

If you need to make sure that all your events are coordinating together, you may want to work it out on paper first. November-2011-Calendar AND  December-2011-Calendar Great to use to work out your schedules on!

If you happen to be in the market for a printed family calendar, take a peek at the right sidebar –>

If your schedule is too crowded, you may need to say NO to some invitations. You may have to decide not to attend some events. Better to make those decisions ahead of time if possible, so that everyone is prepared.

You also need to keep all the details about these events in a place where you can find them. Here are a few options:

  • Record all the details in your digital calendar
  • Keep all invitations, flyers, etc in a folder in your family’s command center
  • Scan or take a picture of info and put it in your Evernote files

What do you do to keep your schedule in check during this crazy, busy season?

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