Depression is a Sneaky Little Liar

I know I have been writing a lot about depression lately. And yes, this is another post about depression. I wanted to share a post I wrote for another site on this subject, but I promise there will be a change in subject soon, or at least more variety!

From Prime Parent’s Club…

I am going to talk about a subject that people don’t like to talk about. They would like to pretend it doesn’t exist or maybe they really don’t believe it DOES exist. Depression (and other mental illnesses) still carry a stigma in our society. The reality is that 20% of Americans will deal with at least one depressive episode in their lives, and women have a higher depression rate than men.

Think about it in these proportions: if you have 10 women in a room, 2 to 3 of those have dealt with, or will deal with, depression personally. And ONE is probably in the middle of a major depressive episode. So, we can’t ignore it. We NEED to talk about it more so that those who are dealing with depression won’t feel so alone and ostracized (if they actually let it be known they are suffering), and to educate the women and men who are suffering daily and not realizing it is depression that they are dealing with and that there is help available.

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