Being productive in stressful times

erasing stress
This week we will be talking about productivity. How to get more done, in less time, with less stress. In the Defining Your Priorities, we talked about what you value in life and what your priorities are. We also talked about your responsibilities and commitments. The purpose of those assignments were to help you see the things you may be doing that aren’t really important to you or don’t add value to your life and that of those you love.

If you are struggling with balance in your life, are very stressed, or dealing with anxiety or depression, you need to take some important steps. You need to learn to be an active participant in your life, and not a passive victim.

You need to either A. remove those stressors or B. implement strategies in your life to help you cope.

Remove the stressors

These may be fairly simple decisions, or they may be extremely difficult.

Some examples-

Let your toddler cry and learn to put themselves back to sleep at night

Go through and get rid of extra clutter in the house

Buy more socks and underwear so you don’t have to wash as often

Get rid of a pet

Fix the faucet that is always dripping

Remove a troublesome family member from your life

Implement coping strategies

Obviously, you can’t get rid of all the stressors in your life, some of them could be your husband or children! So, you have to step up and activitely implement some things in your life to help you with the difficult areas. And if you can’t do anything about the negative, you may be able to do some things to help take more of the day-to-day mundane tasks.

Create systems for repetitive tasks- I have included some links to oustide sites with additional tips

Create routines for recurring events

An important tip for parents- Teach your children to be self-sufficient as young as possible. If you are dealing with major stress, you should not have to help your 8 year old take a bath, or pick out clothes for your 10 year old. Your 6 year old should be able to make his own sandwich. Here is a post with a list of what kids should be able to do by certain ages. The more they can do for themselves, the less you have to do for them, leaving you energy to deal with your major issues or to just spend some quality family time together because *everything* is done.

While all of the above are good tips, be careful about trying to implement too many changes at one time. Pick a routine that would make the biggest difference to you and work on it. Pick a system that would help relieve some mental stress and implement it. Enlist the help of all your family members and others connected with you who may be willing to offer some help.

Doing this will help you to focus on the most important things, and the the most important things aren’t things, they’re people.

My goal is to reach and help as many people as possible with the 8 week Journey to Balance. Please share by clicking the buttons below to share by email, twitter, facebook, etc. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

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11 comments to Being productive in stressful times

  • Who would get rid of a family member or a pet just for selfish reasons?

    bernicewood Reply:

    I know that it may seem harsh, but I myself had to get rid of a handicapped cat last year. She got to the point where she was yowling incessantly. My anxiety was through the roof and I could not handle it.
    I also have a mildly mentally handicapped brother. I had been responsible for his disabily check and paying his bills. My hubby and I had done a lot to help him be secure and settled. He eventually disappeared, changed his phone number, trashed the rental house we had gotten for him, among a lot of hurtful things said to me. When he stopped calling, I felt so much better. I used to have a panic attack when I saw him come up on my phone. I do know that he is okay, he has actually called again because he is having difficulty being resonsible for himself.
    Both of these things were hard, but they made such a huge difference in my emotional health. I have made a decision that the only thing I will do to help my brother is to help him declared incapable of taking care of himself, if it comes to that.
    Thanks for coming by!

  • Enjoyed your post. I felt it will really help for women with families. I thought the article on what kids should be able to do at certain ages was interesting. I’m not so sure I agree with being able to put dishes away, but that’s only because when I was younger I remember my uncle getting nervous about my younger cousins handling their own plates. I guess he was afraid that they’d spill their food, but I can see how this would be gradual steps for parents teaching their kids how to be careful and also trusting them to be able to do something by themselves without making a mess.
    Lauren recently posted..Facebook Friends- 692 and CountingMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Thanks for your comments and for coming by Lauren!

  • Jan

    Great article. I am so guilty of not having the boys help as much as they are capable of. I need to get on the stick with that!
    Jan recently posted..EEG and other fun times…My Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    YES! Children should be expected to pull their weight around the house! :-)

  • I am a HUGE advocator of your site! I too try to help Moms create balance in their families. It is so important in this day and age. Thank you for your light in the blogging world. :) I so enjoy talking to you on Twitter, too! ;)

  • Being productive in stressful times via @womanonajourney

  • Carol

    Hi Bernice,
    Love all your tips…keep them coming! My husband is having medical issues that require much of my daily routine so I am trying to destress by making lists on Excel.
    I just made a pantry checkoff list for the items I use most and need to always have on hand.I divided it into these columns to help sort by store “grocery items”,”dollar store items”, and “other items needed”. I posted it on my refrigerator and plan to use it on a weekly basis and simply take the list with me on shopping day!
    I also made a weekly chore checkoff to keep me on my toes. I included a “15 minute toss” (set the timer) in each day where I will take a trash bag and purge.
    Hope I am disciplined enough to follow through.
    Thanks for your help,

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