Begin again, each and every day

It is important to realize that each day IS a new day. Did you “mess up” yesterday?

 You can begin again.

a new day a new begining

There is a verse in the Bible that says:

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Even if Christianity is not your faith, you have to agree that this holds a lot of truth.

Renewing the mind

To live a balanced life, we must strive to be at peace with ourselves and our mind. We can’t continually beat ourselves up over things we did or mistakes we made. As we seek renewal, we have to come to terms with where we are and where we want to go.

Two additional defintions of the word renew are below:

To restore to a former state; make new or as if new again-

red jaguar

Life may have been working better for you at a previous time. You would like to get back to that state.

Ask yourself these questions:

What about that time made you feel balanced and happy with your life?

What things made life work well for you?

Can you repeat or duplicate those circumstances?

To begin again-

starting line

Source: JayneAndd

You don’t necessarily like how things turned out and you want to start over again.

Here are some questions to help you work through the renewal process:

What is NOT working for you in the current state of your life?

How would you prefer the situation to be?

What can you do to make a move toward that ideal situation?

What can you do to start again?

Do your homework!

I know that many people skim over blog posts and don’t *do the work* that is suggested. This is an important one. You need to work through these questions to gain some balance in your life. 

 Click here to download the Renewing the mind worksheet

What area of your life would you like to be renewed?

If you are new to this site, be sure to visit the 8 week Journey to Balance page and see where we have traveled!

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