Are you stuck in a rut?

There is no improving the future without disturbing the present ~ Catherine Booth {co-founder of the Salvation Army}

Many of us want change in our life, we want something different. We are stuck in a rut we can’t seem to get out of. Sometimes we stay stuck because we don’t know where we really want to be, where we want to end up outside of the rut, so we stay where it is comfortable. It would take effort to move ourselves out of the rut, and even though we may not like the rut, it is comfortable, and we know what to expect there.

stuck in a rut

The problem is, like the quote above, nothing in the future will be improved if we don’t make changes to our present. We have to decide that the desire for a different future is stronger than the comfort of staying in the same old rut.

Some things to do pull yourself out the rut

Think about where you currently are. Your current situation. Assess it.

  • What do you NOT like? Be very specific.
  • What DO you like about the rut you are currently in? What is working for you? What parts do you want to keep?

Think about a place you’d rather be. I am not talking about the Bahamas here.

  • Where do you want your life to go?
  • How do you want it to look day-to-day?
  • How can you integrate the things you currently like with where you’d like to be?
  • What steps can you take to make the changes necessary to pull you out of the rut?

Always start with baby steps

When you are looking to disturb your present to improve your future, make sure that you do so in little baby steps. Major change is difficult to maintain. Small steps are easier. Don’t work on everything at once. Pick something to work on this week. Next week, pick something else.

Once you are out of the rut, your road may be bumpy for a while, until you make a new path for yourself. You will subconsciously slip back into the rut if you are not careful. Be on the lookout for frustration with the bumps and the discomfort of the new road.

A story about me

I have written before about my quest to move more and to lose some weight. It helps me that I have my words right here on my blog glaring back at me what I said I wanted to do, lol! Back in November, I got in the great habit of walking on the treadmill and doing yoga every morning. Then in January, I began having some hip troubles. After I returned from Blissdom, I was out of my routine and I had so much I wanted to do, so I would get up and go straight to my laptop in the morning, forgoing exercise.

Needless to say, this rut has caught up with me. I have gained 10+ pounds and my hip and back are killing me. I WANT to be healthy and active. I want to have energy. I would love to lose the weight I gained and maybe a little more. I am stuck in a rut though. It is so easy and comfortable to me to get up, feed the dogs, make the coffee, and turn on the laptop. I don’t particularly LIKE to exercise, but to achieve the future I want for myself, it WILL be necessary.

So, what am I going to do to pull myself out of this rut? No laptop until treadmill, yoga and a 15 minute house pickup is done. To make this happen, I will put my workout clothes and shoes and socks by my bed the night before. I have to be able to get dressed without thinking too hard before caffeine! My babystep is just to get dressed in workout clothes every morning.

On a new road  to your future

When you pull yourself out of a rut, you are on your way to making the changes in your present to create the future that you want. So many think that they are not able to get out of the rut, that they are destined to be there forever. You CAN get out. It may be difficult, it may take time, but you CAN create a different future for yourself and for your family!

Is there a rut you need to pull yourself out of? What is the first change you need to make?

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