Are you overwhelmed?

Many times that overwhelmed feeling can have a real trigger. When you find yourself at a low point mentally or emotionally, it is a good idea to take a step back and apply the HALT method to your situation. Many times you are depressed or down for other reasons that you may actually have some control over.

stop and think

The HALT Method

Are you Hungry? ~ Have you eaten a meal recently? A healthy meal? 

Are you Angry? ~ Are you angry or upset with someone? Or with a situation?

Are you Lonely? ~ Have you been isolated? When is the last time you spent time with some friends? 

Are you Tired? ~ Have you gotten enough sleep lately?Are you getting enough rest?

If you find yourself at this point, I encourage you to take inventory and do what you can to remedy the situation. And remember, we are not usually up for making good choices or thinking very clearly during these times. Give yourself some attention, you need it and you deserve it!

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Successful women

The Stressed

This site will have a variety of resources available to you to help you balance your life! The first resource will be my next ebook:

 The Successful Woman’s Guide to Working from Home

Successful womans guide


Be sure to subscribe on the new site to make sure you recieve all the announcements about the launch! There will be some special discounts, plus special packages and giveaways available on launch day so you don’t want to miss it!

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