Are you collecting rocks, or diamonds?

Never take a person for granted, hold every person close to your heart, cause you might wake up one day and realize you lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones. ~ Unknown

I love this quote above.  Think about it. We spend our life running around doing all the things we think we are supposed to be doing, getting all the things we want to get, and lose out on enjoying the beauty we already have around us!

What are some of the stones we may be collecting?

-doing things OTHERS think we should do

What are some diamonds we may be overlooking, or even in danger of losing?

-our children, or at least a connected relationship with them
-our spouse or significant other
-ourself, our identity, our authenticity
-the journey

Make a conscious decision to spend more time and effort on the diamonds that have more value (to you), and decide which stones you may want to shine up and keep, and which ones you need to throw back in the water.

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