A lucky winner and more!

My regular readers know that we have had a giveaway going on this past week and it is time to announce the lucky winner! The prize is a copy of

The Gifts of Imperfection -Let Go of Who You Think You Are Supposed to Be and Be Who You Are

brene brown


And the winner is Stacey Nerdin with Tree Root and Twig! I have met Stacey personally and I am so happy for her!

And I am sad for everyone else who didn’t win. This is my very first giveaway and I wish I could give a book to all my readers!  If you want to buy your own, you can click on the picture above to go to Amazon, they have a great price!

*FYI, I think I have to make a disclaimer due to FTC regulations. I did not receive any compensation for reviewing or mentioning Brene’s book. I purchased my copies with my own money. Links on my page are affiliate links, and therefore I earn a small amount if you purchase from those links. Thank you!

For those who didn’t see Brene’ Brown at Blissdom, or if you have never seen  Brene’s TED talk , here it is below:

You can follow Brene’s blog at Ordinary Courage.

And yet to come at Living the Balanced Life…

We are more than halfway through our 8 week Journey to Balance! I have heard from some awesome readers! I can hear the pain and longing in your words. I hope that I can address some of the issues talked about in further posts, series and e-books.

I hope that you are making some changes in your life. I hope you are examining who you are and how you got to where you are and what you can do differently, because you DO have control over some areas of your life.

Here are the topics we still have to discuss on our Journey:

  • Get Connected
  • Be Curious
  • Live Joyfully
  • Be Renewed

So many are hurting and hiding behind their masks, I want them to see there is another way. I ask a BIG favor from my readers. I don’t advertise this blog or journey except by talking on social media. I ask that you help me spread the word in the same way. Help me get the word out. And if you have a blog that you think your audience needs to hear this message, I am all for doing a guest post, just send me an email at bernicemwood @ gmail dot com.

If you want to share the Journey, you can click the buttons below, or you can share a link directly to the Journey page, http://livingthebalancedlife.com/8-week-journey-to-balance/

Also, I want to let you know I am working on my e-book that will launch shortly after we end our 8 week journey. It will have everything from the journey and much, much more, and I am VERY excited about it!

Thank you so much, dear readers! And if I could share a Valentine’s wish with you today, it would be to show yourself some love today! You are worthy and you deserve it! I wish I could reach out and give you all a BIG GROUP HUG!

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