85 nuggets of wisdom from Relevant

This past weekend was a wonderful Christian women’s blogging conference called Relevant. I was unable to attend, but was blessed SO much by following the twitter stream. I wanted to share with my readers all the nuggets I enjoyed.

Note- This post is a little different than I normally write. If you are not of the Christian faith, this may or may not be a post you want to read. So nothing disrespectful in the comments!

Unfortunately, I did not get who the original speaker that was quoted or paraphrased for each tweet, however, if you visit the Relevant speaker’s page, you can find contact info and websites for all these awesome women!

As you read these tweets, keep in mind that while many are specifically about blogging, most are more dealing with YOU and matters of the heart and soul. Looking for balance? These can help! I pray that you are blessed as I was!

85 nuggets of wisdom from Relevant

His praise is the only praise we need; He is our identity.

Am I willing to go unnoticed? To serve without recognition?

Whatever it is God called you to do, do it well and relax. Enjoy it.

The world is watching us…to see if we truly love & practice what we preach.

We have the unique responsibility to present Christ to the world. This is our Esther moment.

We need to have the courage to speak TO another, not about each other.

Be the YOU God created you to be.

When you look only at God, it is so much fun and exciting to walk in the task He has for you.

“Unity is walking through mess together, spurring one another on in love & truth.” @GraceFullMama

“He asks us to show progress…not perfection.”

finding purpose in pain

Our stories are a part of a greater story.

“I want to be someone who breathes grace, not condemnation, to my brothers and sisters.”

Thankful for the raw hurt times, because they drive me closer to Him…

Carve out time & surrender all to consume His word & gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.

The thing that has the affection of our hearts will shape who we are.

How do learn to love God? By studying His love for us.

The little trickles (of income) become a stream that will become a river

Start with the end in mind. Start thinking that you may expand. – #bizofblogging

*Jesus isn’t standing at the gate asking how many followers do you have*

Your message & your ministry should be the same.

Only He can take a mess & turn it into a masterpiece, a test into a testimony, trial into a triumph.

What does God want to use my words for? Why am I blogging?

Put a face on the problem and solution. @shaungroves

It’s hard to tell a story when you’re not a part of the story. Be involved.

When telling the story. Be genuine .

It is the Holy Spirit that impresses on our readers’ hearts what they are supposed to do. We just need to show up.

Who we are at Home is who we really are.

Start with what changed you.

To create empathy in others, start with what brought out the empathy in you.

Don’t make your readers feel guilty.

are we raising warriors or refugees {interacting with culture or withdrawing}?

Don’t ask people to do something you’re not doing.

It’s not supposed to be your striving, but God working in you.

It isn’t your job to create empathy. It’s God’s. Show up and tell your story.

If you are participating, engaging, you are part of the change.

Choices are easy when we know our priorities and we have a plan.

God asks us to do small things for a big kingdom.

My job as a communicator is to keep God’s mercy in view for you.

Insecurity is essentially just pride.

What distinctives will a reader find at your blog?

What are the specific reasons you began blogging in the first place?

Know what steals your contentment.

“If you try to be someone you’re not, it is never ever going to work. It’s just going to make you miserable.”

God calls us to do small things to impact the Kingdom. You don’t have to do it all.

We don’t have to have it all figured out. We can still have something to say through our brokenness & struggles.

God isn’t looking for famous people. He is looking for honest, real, transparent, broken people that will share.

I KNOW. :-) but how often do we doubt in the back of our heads? and the dark places of our hearts?

God appoints people who disappoint so they can point to the God who never disappoints.

What are you stockpiling incase God stops being good?

Christians are never to be about applause, only about altars. Sacrifice yourself for His glory.

“Are we building a platform or building a Kingdom?”

Your story matters because your voice tells of the Kindgom coming. And you are already known.

We are called to encourage one another, not exalt one another.

With You we want for nothing….may we truly believe and live it.

Success is simply obedience and servant hood, right where you are.

We can’t give love to others until we know how loved we are by God.

“We need to use words in a focused way – use words of life – incarnate hope”

Am I attention hungry or am I God hungry?

We all ache to be loved, seen, known, and noticed… God is captivated by you! You are extremely loved by Him!

That ache is your chest to be noticed… that asks am I enough… is a God given hunger. Feed it with The Father.

Never underestimate what the Spirit of God wants to work through you.

We blog in His power to the people he has put in our paths.

God is captivated by YOU the person not YOU the blogger.

when your heart is hungry, go to the Father.

we are thunder not rain. We can’t quench thirst. Jesus is the rain.

There are broken women on the other side of your computer screen — we can’t quench their thirst. Point them to the one who can.

They need your voice. And the blog next door is another voice. We are all one voice, thunder in the desert. Together.

Some men boost their ego with fancy toys — some women boost theirs with more Twitter/Facebook followers

Life is a gift, not an emergency.

We don’t want to open up, because we am afraid we are going to disappoint people.

Have we told our OWN communities what God has done for us?

Never cease praying that you will not become a star or a celebrity. fame does not equal success.

Success is a long faithfulness in the same direction

There are no BIG and little bloggers in Heaven….where you are is where you are supposed to be!!

Your merit is not found in social media your worth is found in The One who woos you…. God.

God’s love is around us everywhere — not in comment boxes and stats.

Never,  never,  never think you have nothing to say.

Your story is the best opportunity you have to minister to someone who needs your story.

Use words in a focused way because words give life.

Experience time with God in a fresh, totally real way.

We have to have as much compassion for the rich and the powerful as we have for the weak and the small.

Stop worrying about the people who aren’t at your table. Feed the people who are.

When His people get together, God just plain works… and usually in ways we didn’t anticipate.

“Jesus said, Go home to your family, tell them everything the Lord has done for you & how merciful He has been.”

If you have one or two that really resonate with you, I’d love to have you share in the comments!  Also, I’d love if you could share this post with others by clicking the buttons below.

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