8 ways to find joy everyday

When I first came up with Live Joyfully as one of the areas of balance, my thoughts were to encourage readers to do things that bring them joy. And I still want to talk about that in just a minute. I want to say though that as I have researched and read more about joy versus happiness, it has tugged very deeply at my heart. It seems that being happy is a much easier goal to attain. Joy is much deeper and lasts so much longer. Joy comes from more than things. This subject has so much depth to it, I am going to have to put the deep parts of it off until I can have several weeks and posts to research and address.

Before I dive in, I wanted to let you know I am also guest posting today for a friend who just had a baby. You can read that post at Peanut Butter in My Hair (Life with Kids is Sticky)!

Joy during the tough times

As you work to gain balance in your life, even during the toughest times, it is crucial that you find time and make time for joy. The title of this topic is Live Joyfully, to live a life full of joy.

I do want to talk about taking time to find joy and happiness in your everyday life. Another simple way to think of the difference of the two is this:

Happiness is when something brings a smile to your face.

Joy is when something warms your heart.

When you are stressed and maxed out, joy may not easily find its way into your life. You will have to seek out those things that make you smile and warm your heart. And the key is to pay attention to these things. Live in that moment!

8 ways to find joy everyday

1. When I was working, and not long after leaving my job, my husband knew that one thing that was good for my joy level was what we called my Nature Fix. I needed to spend time outside and more specifically, near water. A rushing stream was the best, but it could be a trickling brook, a lake, even a fountain!

2. Having beauty around me brings me joy. Not by having a fancy house, but I love having fresh flowers. Hubby regularly buys me the cheap bouquet from Walmart and I almost always have a vase of fresh flowers in my kitchen!

flowers vase

3. Another thing that brought me joy was spending time with my family. Because my kids are all grown are almost grown, and I have 7 grandkids, we don’t spend a lot of time all together. So being able to visit with them always bring me joy. We visited last Sunday and I so enjoyed just sitting with a 3 year old in my lap. She was talking to me and asking me questions and playing with my jewelry and my hair.

4. A good meal brings me joy. I mean a really good meal. One with awesome flavors and colors and textures. We like to try different new restaurants as well as learning to cook new dishes and with new ingredients, mainly fresh vegetables and herbs.

pasta primavera

5. I like spending time with my dogs. Animals in general can bring such joy whether it is your actual pets, or just watching squirrels in your yard, or birds at the birdfeeder.

dog and cat sleeping

6.Spending time with my husband. One thing we do a few nights a week is watch TV together. We follow a few series and it is a nice little connection between us, to talk about the shows and discuss the plots.

terry and bernice

7. I actually find joy in building my relationships online. I am finding so many kindred spirits that I would never have had access to before the internet, or blogs or twitter!

me and cris

Me with Cris from Goodeness Gracious

8. The first cup of coffee (decaf!)  in the morning warms me from the inside! I love the smell, the taste, the feel of it hitting the back of my throat.

first cup of coffee

So… what about you? What are some things that bring you joy? I want to know!

And I want you to THINK about it!

Be sure to see the rest of the posts from the 8 week Journey to Balance!

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29 comments to 8 ways to find joy everyday

  • Love this.

    When I was going through a very down time years ago, I bought myself some brightly colored pens to use. The bright colors cheered my mood every time I reached for one. Simple, inexpensive, but it worked for me!
    Heather @ Not a DIY Life recently posted..Review &amp Giveaway- E-mealzMy Profile

  • liz

    SOOO glad to see that coffee made the cut! There is nothing like that first sip in the morning!
    liz recently posted..The Academy Awards of SpamMy Profile

  • Watching buzzards floating in the sky.

  • Barbara

    Joyful things-

    blue sky making the snow in the trees sparkle this morning

    yes, colored pens!

    how you post pictures of yourself not looking airbrushed and inhumanly perfect

  • I would like to say that it is not always necessary to be rich in order to get pleasure from a life. There are many ways to find joy everyday.

  • Family, friends, nature, and comfort food always work for me when I need a little uplift. I also love taking a break to watch something funny, or indulge in a really good book.

    Michelle ~ fellow SITS gal ;)
    Michelle recently posted..DIY Friday- Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl BraceletMy Profile

  • Carrie

    Perfect timing for this post. We celebrated the baptism of our first daughter (after having two boys) over the weekend and the next day I felt so energized. I paused to figure out what about the day brought me joy (other than the obvious imparting of the Holy Spirit). There were the usual blessings of a family gathering: good food and conversation, but there were other elements that stood out to me. I identified these that brought me peace and joy: clean house, kids running outside playing while the windows were open, fresh pot of white hydrangeas, mini cupcakes and heart and cross-shaped sugar cookies decorated with blush pink pearls, pink and white rose-shaped cream cheese mints (the kind you make for weddings), baby bracelets, my sweet daughter looking like an angel, handmade gifts and cards. So, I am going to be more intentional about bringing the beauty of these newfound “pink” joys and the nature related joys into my life because it felt so wonderful. And, never underestimate the power of a clean house to rejuvenate of mother!

  • Nice post. Connecting with nature is the key one for me – I love it – works wonders.

    Oh, and coffee in the morning – caffeinated ;)


  • Those are beautiful photos, I esp. like the flowers with the sun filtering through it. I find joy in curling up with a good book :)

  • I’m a new follower from “Follow Friday 40 and Older”, your site looks amazing and I’ll definitely be checking back often!! I would love it if you would follow me back!!
    Monica recently posted..PerimenopauseMy Profile

  • This was a really great post (and now I’m hungry for pasta!). Whenever I feel down my husband insist that I get outside for some fresh air & sunshine and it really does help to put things in perspective & appreciate my life.

    *Have a great weekend. Stopping by from SITs
    Alexandria Campbell recently posted..Provocative Thought- Trans-gender childrenMy Profile

  • Love this :) Some things that bring me joy are my nephews, crafting and MUSIC! Discovering new artists or listening to tried and true favorites get me through the best and worst of times as well as everything in between :)
    Megan recently posted..Better Days…My Profile

  • Yes to all those things! I get the MOST joy, however, from getting off my computer and getting on the floor with my kids. I just need to remember to do that more often!
    Carrie recently posted..My Secret WeaponMy Profile

  • Martha

    Great thoughts! I too love running water. We have a pond in the backyard that runs throughout the year. Somehow it is a reminder of on going life to me. Love to watch the birds at the feeder, our dogs, cats and horse and they quickly come around when we are in the yard and how they interact with each other and us. Occasionally my husband will think to bring home flowers, however, I don’t always wait and especially love to get bouquets of alstramerias which we had in our wedding, cheap and long lasting delicate, bright lily like flowers. I love to hear my children interact with each other and to hear my daughter whistling throughout the house, I know she is happy and all is well. It is great to have all the family laying around together wrapped up in their own good book! I also enjoy making my son’s lunch together with him, (not to do it for him, because someday I won’t be there and I will know that he can take care of himself! I am also very grateful for my husbands consistency in my life and that of our families, he is so faithful and true and this brings me a great deal of joy each day. And, well coffee, regular ground beans, can’t beat waking up to a full rich cup each day!

  • I love this focus. My goal is to do something for myself every day – no matter how small – to ensure I do have some small bit of joy in my day. Mine are frequently similar to yours, the food, the water/nature, family, and the like. But my other one? A) having a clean house (not cleaning the house but when it IS clean) and B) reading. Focusing on the joy right now!
    Michelle recently posted..I Would Make A Horrible Boy ScoutMy Profile

  • something that brings me joy is my little 6 pound chihuahua.
    he was stray whom i found 6 years ago.
    he puts a smile on my face every day!

    this is lovely Bernice!
    just tweeted your post!
    :) Susan
    Susan Liddy recently posted..Body Benevolence- 14 Ways to Improve Your Body Image PerceptionMy Profile

  • Really nice post on the think the key to happy life is to be able to find joy and happiness in the smallest things, it may be something that others might miss but as long as it makes you happy that’s all that counts
    SunShine recently posted..Garden HammockMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Yes, and we don’t need to wait for the *big* stuff to come along to bring us joy! We need to find every day joy in the little things.
    Thanks for coming by!

  • Jan

    I love being outside and hearing the birds sing. It’s hard to be upset with such joyous music!
    Jan recently posted..Living Well Wednesday- 4-20-11My Profile

  • Similar things bring me joy:

    1) I LOVE sitting in our backyard & looking at the greenery, the beautiful flowers, listening to the birds & waterfall
    2) It makes me REALLY joyful to go on a beautiful hike outdoors
    3) I LOVE spending time with my grandkids, even if it’s on SKYPE because they don’t live nearby
    4) I REALLY enjoy watching a show or a movie with my husband
    5) I REALLY enjoy both old & new acquaintances online & nurturing those relationships
    6) I THOROUGHLY enjoy when I’m in my creative mood & I’m designing jewelry
    7) I LOVE curling up & reading a good suspense thriller or intriguing romance novel
    8) Oh yes, & the first cup of coffee of the day is a MUST to start off the day joyful

    I want to thank you for making it easy to find your website. It’s such a wonderful way to begin & end a day.

  • I love photography… thanks for being there.

  • I find JOY over here all of the time … you have a knack for making me breathe in deep, smile and go about my day a little lighter!

  • Michelle

    Hi, I’m keen to put Joy (and more happiness) into my everyday life. I’ve been through 3 years of great stress, now learning to accept things and remove guilt. So Joy sounds like a great thing to replace those other old feelings. I look forward to getting much more of the good stuff from life.

    Many thanks


  • AH

    Writing my morning pages with a cup of steaming coffee.
    Also having chai karak with my brother.
    Spending time with my family in general and brother in specific.
    Going to the gym though it may be tiing i feel good after that
    Thanks for a wonderful post
    AH recently posted..If Tomorrow Never ComesMy Profile

  • Good morning Bernice! Love this. Check it out: RT 8 ways to find joy every day~ http://t.co/KNVx94N

  • Nancy Fox

    Hello Bernice, I am so happy to have found you here, or maybe you found me, on stumble?, It really is amazing this thing called the internet. I believe i am older than you by quite a bit but our journeys and joys are so similar, interesting. I wish at 40 something i had known what i do now about the universe and how it works. I have raised 4 sons and have 6 grandchildren with one on the way in Jan! some of them live nearby and i see them most everyday and one grandson who is 3yrs. lives with us and his parents and the one on the way will be his brother! Life is full of abundance! (ha) I do love life with all of it’s hubbub, i can love it because i have learned how to be peace in the middle of it all and it sounds like you have as well. I have learned that we are here to learn, love, laugh- spread compassion, be kind, give as graciously as receive, be in the others shoes. I also enjoy the abundance of life when i work in our garden, play with our dogs, and spend quiet and fun times with hubby of 37 years.We have both been ‘students of consciousness and spirituality’ for some years now. I know this is busy for a post but happy to share my (somewhat) balanced life with you- love your site! Nancy (foxes9)

  • LaLa

    Gratitude brings me joy. I like to count my blessings, look around and within and feel a deep seated sense of thankfulness for every little thing I can think of. The fact that I can move, breathe, that I’m free, that I’m well, that I have shelter, clothing, friends, loved ones, pets – right down to giving thanks for my individual possessions, for the trees in my yard — anything and everything.

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