8 popular posts on Productivity and Organization

With the busy holiday season upon us,  I thought I would gather some of my most popular posts of this past year here for my readers to enjoy. Sometimes older blog posts get buried, but hopefully this will help you find some nuggets of wisdom, provide a giggle or two, or maybe allow you to give a sigh of relief!

If you find a post you exceptionally love, please consider sharing, and I would love to read your comments. 


THE best organizational tool - My post with the MOST traffic this year!

The successful woman’s guide to NOT doing it all - It’s nice to know we are not alone

Conquer 3 major clutter culprits - take control of them, NOW

Wonder Woman doesn’t live here anymore - Great post, but you HAVE to see the picture!

13 ways to stay stressed out - great reverse psychology post, are you guilty?

7 things you should have done last night - which would make for an easier morning

4 ways to be like the Energizer Bunny - so you can keep going, and going, and going…

How to eat an elephant - again, great post, but gotta see the pics!



If you are looking for resources to help you in this area, you might want to check out my friend Sarah Mae’s ebook, 31 Days to Clean! It’s a steal at $4.99 and you can download instantly!



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