3 gifts to give yourself on Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Many gifts will be given, cards will be made and given, many will be taken out to dinner, some will even receive nice gifts. While these are all well and good, there are a few gifts you should give yourself. Some of these you many need help managing or implementing, but I encourage each of you to take time to give yourself these 3 gifts. You’ll be a much happier mother for it!

I have listed a few posts for each of these gifts to help you with the process!

A break

I’m not talking about a night off here. You need to cut yourself some slack. Give yourself a break and give yourself the credit you are due. You are a great mom and no matter how many mistakes you have made, you are doing the best you can. You need to stop thinking that others are perfect and that you are screwed up. That is simply not true. None of us are perfect, so give yourself a break, and while you’re at it, give the other moms around you a break too. They probably feel as inadequate as you!

These posts can help…

Screwing up and letting go

Chill + Relax = Chillax!

 A date with yourself

woman writing in journal

And this needs to be time to think. Time to get real with yourself. Get a notebook and a pen and your favorite drink (preferably NOT alcoholic for the purpose of this exercise!) and go somewhere by yourself. The longer the better. If you can get an overnighter, awesome. If you only have an hour, take what you can get! Figure out what things are going right in your life and figure out how to do more of that. Make a list of things that need improving or changing in your life and brainstorm some things you could implement to make things better.

Don’t try to recreate your whole life, just focus on the things that would make the highest impact on your stress and sanity level.

These posts may help…

Are you too busy to be yourself?

Getting the respect you deserve

An attitude adjustment


We’ve all heard it said, “You are what you think”. It really is true. If you dwell on a thought or feeling, pretty soon you will start to feel it or believe it. And even if you really don’t believe it, it will affect your frame-of-mind. Look back at your list of things that aren’t going right in your life. Some of them suck, I am sure. And some of them cannot be changed. Sometimes the only thing that can be changed about a situation is the way you look at it.

I had a reader one time tell me that while she knew that getting enough sleep was important, since she had several small children and a nursing baby, she had resigned herself to the fact that a full night’s sleep wasn’t in her near future. She accepted that fact as part of having her babies. It didn’t help her get more sleep, but it changed her attitude about being frustrated because she wasn’t getting enough sleep.

These posts may help…

What’s on your mind?

How to lose the negativity

What do you think? Could you use these gifts? Will you do your best to give them to yourself?

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21 comments to 3 gifts to give yourself on Mothers Day

  • There is so much to be said for a date with yourself. I love to get a coffee and just read a devotional and journal. Different seasons of life make this more or less challenging, but it is so worth it to do what you can to get this date in regularly!
    Great post! Found you from your comment on incourage today! :)

    bernicewood Reply:

    In our busy world we tend to stay so busy we don’t even have time to hear our own thoughts, much less what God might be saying to us! Time alone is important!
    Thanks Danielle!

  • Jan

    How much more useful these gifts are than the usual gifty fare! Great points. I am definitely going to try and work on these.
    Jan recently posted..A Song That Makes Me Happy!My Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Yes, Jan, you deserve to give yourself these gifts! Do it, for YOU!

  • Ann Gail Orillaza

    So glad I found these sharings – thank you so much – it is indeed a great way to encourage tired moms lie us…God bless you more…

    bernicewood Reply:

    That is what I hope to do, encourage you, to take care of yourself! Thanks for your comment, Ann!

  • Thanks so much for reminding me. Some of my Mother’s Days in the past were disappointing because my children were all away. Then last year I saw one son on Saturday and got together another friend and her kids for Sunday. I made sure I treated myself to being with good people on ‘my’ special day.

    I will do the same this year! I’ll be certain to do something fun for myself even if I am alone for the day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there!
    Sally Brown recently posted..Top 10 Things Fear CausesMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    I have always had my kids with me on Mothers Day, but this year my 2nd daughter is working in Chicago, so she will not be here. She does, however, return for a visit later this month!
    Yes, be good to yourself, this Sunday and everyday!

  • Very sage advice…i rarely have all three kids around on Mother’s Day and this year is no exception.
    Lynn MacDonald (All Fooked Up) recently posted..In which i continue to reconnect … poorlyMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    We do normally have everyone around, but this year we won’t do our family get together until later in May as my 2nd daughter is working out of state and is visiting at month’s end.
    Thanks Lynn!

  • These are all wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas Bernice. Heck, these are great ideas to live by! And one of my favorite parts of your ideas…they’re free (except possibly an overnighter)!

    Thanks for the fantastic ideas and the reminder of what’s really important. :)
    Jenny @ exconsumer recently posted..Debt Elimination Progress UpdateMy Profile

    bernicewood Reply:

    Thanks jenny! I had one reader comment on facebook that she does do this things each day in her life. She sounded peaceful and relaxed! She did say she would LOVE $100 to spend at Michaels on crafting supplies, lol!

  • Tammy Jennings

    Great reminder to be gentle with ourselves and always, always, always make time for reflection! Being a mother is such a blessing, though very demanding. Thanks for the timely encouragement.

    bernicewood Reply:

    Time for reflection is so important. Otherwise, we lose sight of WHO we are and WHY we are doing what we are doing. Then it is easy for it to become mundane.
    Thanks for your comment, Tammy!

  • Yes – this is an uber important list.
    I’m definitely requesting time for myself without doubting my decision to do so.
    Kanesha recently posted..Mother’s Day 2011 easy &amp last minute giftsMy Profile

  • Definitely agreed – and not just on Mother’s Day! I have a saying on the bathroom wall by the tub that reads “Change your thoughts, you change your world”. People don’t realize what they manifest simply by what words are used…change “problem” into “challenge” and it’s a whole new feeling..

  • Hi Bernice.
    It is a very nice post.Thanks for giving the idea of gifts to give ourself on mothers day.Well I date myself on mothers day and it was really good.
    waterpearls recently posted..NetHosting Discount CodeMy Profile

  • Thamk for your sharing.
    Enjoy what you like.
    What I want to do in this day is to relax, drink coffee, listening my favorite songs,going shoppping.But it’s so difficult to do this because I’m so busy
    van025 recently posted..Making Your Own Computer WallpaperMy Profile

  • suzane

    oh nice! glad i saw this article. thank you so much for sharing, gave me something to work on the next Mother’s day. i can see a peaceful result. time to give myself some pampering too!
    suzane recently posted..Very Cheap Car InsuranceMy Profile

  • Kisha

    I glad I found these sharing’s. Different seasons of life make this more or less challenging, but it is so worth it to do what you can to get this date in regularly!
    Kisha recently posted..free energyMy Profile

  • Kirby

    I was searching for mother day gifts for my mom and came across this post. While I’m still going to give her something, I think I might also forward this blog post to her as well. Thanks :)
    Kirby recently posted..gas wall ovensMy Profile