Think of someone other than yourself

What helps your faith and your belief in something bigger than yourself grow?

For many Christians and some other faiths, worship has centered around going to a weekly congregational meeting. And this probably does help to cultivate your faith. What I am speaking of OTHER things we can do that help our faith to grow.

Acts of Service

neighborhoodLast weekend, hubby and I participated in an organized neighborhood outreach with our church. Our church meets at a new local high school and we wanted to make sure that the town knew we were there. It was nice for us to meet together, divide into to teams and go to over 1200 homes in a Saturday morning. We were not knocking doors, mainly just put door hangers on doors, but we did get to have some conversations with people in the neighborhood. The main thing was being part of a community of people who were doing something bigger than themselves.

shop with a heroThe 1st weekend in December, our church has a community program called Shop with a Hero. We partner with the local school system to pinpoint 75-100 middle school age kids who are high risk. They maybe come from underprivileged homes, behavior issues, etc. They are partnered with a local police officer, firefighter or military personnel for the morning and they have a $100 gift card to spend at Walmart. These kids use their cards to mainly buy gifts for their family members and friends. We get to help by providing gift-wrapping and food afterwards. Of course we can also contribute financially toward the gift cards. My husband, my 17 year old and I are looking forward to this as it is our first year attending this church!

These situations involve getting involved in something bigger than you. Even if you don’t consider yourself of the Christian faith, this principle still applies.

Random acts of kindness

everyday kindness

These acts of service can be on a small scale too. Knowing a neighbor in need and helping them out. Fixing a single woman’s car. Cutting grass for an elderly person. Even just helping a young mother in the store who is struggling getting her 2 year old and infant and buggy of groceries to the car in the rain.

Doing acts of service in our everyday live helps our faith to grow and it also helps us to be less self-centered. And we can definitely use less of that, especially in America!

Some people feel uncomfortable tooting their own horn, but I would love if you would share with my other readers some acts of service, large or small, that you have done! It may help us to begin to think outside the box!

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