The walking wounded

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 


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People are hurting for lots of different reasons year-round, but especially during this holiday season. Emotions seem to reach a heightened state at this time of the year, so if someone is lonely, now they feel even lonelier. If they are angry, that anger is multiplied. If they are disappointed, they may sink into despair. If they are depressed, they are likely to feel the weight even heavier.

The issue is that those who are hurting, are likely to hide it. I know I did. I was depressed, plagued with anxiety, and exhausted. I kept on going though, because I couldn’t admit I needed help. I hid my pain as much as possible. Those closest to me knew there were issues, but even they didn’t know the extent. And for those who saw me out in public, they had no idea. My co-workers didn’t have a clue.

I couldn’t ask for help, but eventually I had no choice as I could no longer function. I had to go on medical leave, didn’t leave the house by myself, didn’t want to talk to anyone. If you’d like, you can read more about my recovery process.

You are either one of those hurting, or you are not.

If you ARE hurting,

I encourage you to reach out to someone.

Tell somebody.

Begin to make changes in your life to help you.

Go to your doctor.


And if you find you are in a place that is pretty good, count your blessings. I encourage you to look at those around you.

Are they okay? You never really know what someone might be going through.

This is a great music video that portrays this so well! Even if you don’t agree with the religious aspect at the end, the message is still very awesome!

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