Focus on BE-ing

If you are like most people, you wake each morning with things pressing your mind that you need to get done. For one thing, you might try the post-it note get things done process.

What if you were to shift your focus, shift your thinking to what you want to BE instead of what you need to DO?

We all have character qualities that we would like to see more of in our lives.

-I would like to be more patient.

-I would like to be more kind.

-I would like to be more generous.

-I would like to be more intentional in my life, more present in the moment.

-I would like to be more loving.

Winter Checklist

These are the things that matter.

Not to-do lists.

Obviously, we HAVE to get things done. We have to live life and be with people and get things done. But imagine if you could BE all these things above, how much better would that make the rest of your life?

If I am writing a blog post and my 17 year old daughter gets home and I sense she needs to talk, I hit the save button, close the laptop and listen.

If I know my husband is stressing and having a difficult day at work, I can make sure that he knows dinner will be cooked for him (he cooks about half the time), I make sure he has something cold to drink when he gets home. I can make sure the dog stays out of his way, Bogey likes to sit in my hubby’s side of the double recliner, lol!

If I know of a family that is in need, I can see what I can do to help and also inform them of other resources that may be available to them.

The Holiday Season

As we move into the holiday season, our to-do will grow as long as we will let it! You need to keep a reign on that!

In keeping with the spirit of the season,the spirit of Be-ing, and not just Do-ing, becomes even more important. Focus on spreading the love and joy of the holidays by being that person you would like to be!

What are some things you would like to focus on in your life? Some qualities you would like to learn to exhibit?

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